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This week you have a range of literacy activities based on the story of The Gingerbread Man.

Monday – Please read the story together a few times. You could make up your own actions to help you remember the story. Regularly pause to ask your children about what has happened and what they think will happen next.

Task – Decorate the gingerbread man using the template or create your own gingerbread man. You could even bake one if you have the resources.



This week all of the maths activities are based on recognising numerals (numbers) to 5.

Monday – You can practise counting to five together by singing, “1,2,3,4,5 – Once I caught a fish alive.” It is important that children can count to five in sequence before that start to focus on the numerals.

Task – Match the numberblock to the numeral (number) worksheet. If you have lego or cubes at home you might like to make your own numberblocks.

Phonics activities

This week’s focus is being able to discriminate between different sound you can hear in the environment. Choose one of the activities from the sound discrimination home learning sheet each day.

Afternoon activities


Understanding the world – Look through the PowerPoint slides and discuss them. Then cut out and order the timeline. You might like to look through family photos of your child and you at different ages and discuss how you have changed.