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**New paper learning packs for this week are available to collect from the office**



Please try and post on the class blog at least once a week, if not more, so I can see how the children are doing. It means I can write the children a little message to encourage them. You will need your BGfL log in details for this.


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This week’s focus is on comparison. Lots of maths relies on our ability to compare. If we cannot compare numbers and understand which is greater it is hard to grasp most mathematical concepts.


Collect a variety of shoes from different people who live in your home. Discuss what you notice. Whose shoes are shorter? Whose shoes are longer? Does the oldest person in your house have the longest shoes? You could also bring your child’s attention to the numbered sizes on the bottom of the shoe. You could discuss which numerals they recognise and how numbers are used to show the size of people’s feet. Can you put them in order from the shortest to the longest?

Phonics challenge Monday

Understanding the world

Look through the Powerpoint together and discuss what plants need to grow. You might want to take a look at any plants in your home or any plants you can see on a trip to the park. Then take some time to draw pictures of plants at different stages of their development.  

Winter wonderland learning activities

The Snowy Day Read-aloud, an animated story

Ezra Jack Keats's classic story, with animation by Jay Boucher and narration and sound by Napoleon Maddox.