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Monday 1st February 2021

Monday 1st February 2021

Good morning, Year 4! You may notice, things are slightly different on today's remote learning page.

Click on the image below to find out more.



Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is 'Children's Mental Health Awareness Week'. Place2Be, BAFTA Kids and Oak National Academy have teamed up to put on an assembly for you today at 9am. The theme is 'Express Yourself' and it's certain to be a good one. So, click on the image below to watch!



I will put some links and activities on the class page under the subpage 'Children's Mental Health Awareness Week 2021' so make sure you have a go at some of these after you have completed your lessons!


Here are your lessons for today!


Please click on the link below to register your attendance for today.


Basic Skills

From now on, all of the day's basic skills activities will be in one document (Word of the Day, Arithmetic 5-a-day, SPaG 5-a-day and practise this week's spellings).

Please open the document below to start.

Maths Lesson

We are continuing to study Geometry in Maths. Today, we are identifying perpendicular lines!

Click on the image below to start the lesson and then complete the worksheets.



Break time!

Reading Lesson

This week, we are going to begin our class novel, Stig of the Dump by Clive King. Today, you are going to be answering explanation and retrieval questions based on Chapter 1. 

Please open the text extract below before answering the questions on the PowerPoint.

Writing Lesson

Today, we are going to begin our writing topic. Eventually, we are going to write an adventure story all about The King of the Fishes which is the text that we will be reading today.

Please open the document below to begin the writing lesson.

Collective Worship

Look carefully at the image below and reflect.

Lunch time!


Each afternoon, after you have eaten your lunch, there will be a 'Newsroom' comprehension activity for you to do. This is a text extract about something in the News with some questions for you to answer. I will upload the answers the following day so that you can see what you got correct!

Please open the document below for today's Newsroom activity.


Big Maths

Here are today's PowerPoint presentations to help with the gaps in your knowledge. Please make sure you go through the one that is for/near to your CLIC stage. This will ensure that you are revising what you need to know to get 10/10 in your test on Friday.

Open the document below closest to your CLIC stage.

RE Lesson

Today, we are going to reflect upon the Baptism of Jesus and why it was so significant.

Please watch the video below, showing the Baptism of Jesus, before clicking on the slides to make them bigger.

The Baptism of Jesus

Story Time!

Listen to Michael Morpurgo read his famous book, The Butterfly Lion.

Each day, I will upload the next chapter(s) for you to listen to. 

Today is Chapter 1 & 2,



The Butterfly Lion Chapters 1 & 2 | Michael Morpurgo

Guided Meditation

This week is 'Children's Mental Health Awareness Week'. In light of this, I am suggesting you take 10 minutes to relax to this meditation. You have spent all day working really hard and so, it's important to have some time to look after yourself and calm your mind. Find somewhere quiet and comfortable and watch the following video...


Guided Meditation for Kids | RIVER OF RENEWAL