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Monday 1st February

Monday 1st February


**New paper learning packs for this week are available to collect from the office**


Please try and post on the class blog at least once a week, if not more, so I can see how the children are doing. It means I can write the children a little message to encourage them. You will need your BGfL log in details for this.


If you need any support or have any queries please email

Good morning Nursery!


It's a new week and a new month - February. I can't believe we are five weeks into this half term. I am missing seeing you all every day but I love seeing your posts on the blog. This week's story focus is The Three Little Pigs and I think you are going to love it. 


Love from,

Miss Arnold


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Days Of The Week

What's The Weather Like Today



Read the story of the Three Little Pigs together.


You can find a simple version of the story here


You can listen to an audio version here:


And watch a ballet version of the story here:


Task – You could try and make your own junk model versions of the three little pig’s houses or make your own pig nose like the one in the picture below. You might also like to make your own small world characters by glueing the pictures onto toilet roll tubes.



Make your own pictures using circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. What places, animals or objects can you draw or make using only 2D shapes? Can you make a train using rectangles, circles and squares? Can you make a rocket using rectangles, triangles and circles? What else can you make? You might also like to play this fun shape monster game online




Our phonics focus this week is on rhyme. I have created a task for each day but I will also be putting up an end of day story each day that heavily features rhyme.


Create your own rhyming cards. You might draw a fox on one card and a box on another. Your grown up might like to write the words below. Here are some ideas of rhyming pairs you might use for your rhyming cards. Pin – tin, cat – bat, pool – stool, pen – hen, mug – bug.

Understanding the world

Look through the PowerPoint together and discuss the different parts of a plant.


Task – Create a model or a drawing of the different parts of a plant.

Children's Mental Health Week Activity



Meditation is a great way to help children learn to notice their emotions

End of day story


Ruby's Worry

A lovely story to encourage children to talk about their worries.