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Monday 1st March 2021

Monday 1st March 2021



Daily Register

A Message from Miss Murphy...

Good morning Year One and welcome to the last and final week of home learning. This time next week we will all be back together at school- HURRAH! I hope you all had a great weekend and we only have a few more days of learning from home to complete. Make sure you keep working hard for the next few days and putting all your fantastic work on the blog so that I can see it and give you feedback. This week is World Book Day on Thursday 4th March so make sure you get involved with taking part in our wonderful competition 'The Masked Reader' and by trying out all the fab resources.


Don't forget to check out my loom video below which has all of your learning on for this week. This will be your final video and I am so excited to see you all next week! Today you are carrying on with Money and comparing different amounts in Maths, you are learning about Superheroes for your Reading Lessons and you will then learn and sequence the story of Jesus in the Desert for RE. There is also a Liturgical Assembly for you to watch and which will help you start your week of in the best way!


Have a great Monday everyone!

Weekly Loom Video
Basic Skills

Basic Skills PPT 1.3.2021

Liturgical Assembly


Please click on the picture to access our assembly for today. It is all about Mark's Gospel.

Collective Worship


Please click on the picture to go to the Collective Worship we are doing in class this week.

Keeping Fit and Active


Can you complete the Joe Wicks Workout for Children this morning? Click on the picture of Joe above to begin!


Phonics Lesson ( air) Sound

Please find our Phonics Lesson and Sound Video for Today. ENJOY!



Then play a Phonics Games off the Phonics Games Website below. Click on the link to access the games and HAVE FUN!


Phonics Games Website- TopMarks



Click on the picture to access the lesson for today. 


Maths Lesson PPT Comparing Money 1.3.2021

Maths Lesson Worksheet Comparing Money 1.3.2021

English- Reading


Complete the following reading comprehension from the PPT below about Superheroes. Read the text and answer the different questions.

English Reading Comprehension 1.3.2021

English- Writing


Complete the following writing activity from the PDF document below. Read or listen to the story and then complete the writing activity.

Writing Activity 1.3.2021

Big Maths Class PPT


Big Maths 1.3.2021

Big Maths

Beat That and CLIC Tests


Please click on the PDF below and find the Beat That and CLIC Tests with your name on.(There should be 2 tests each.)  Please print, practise and complete at home each day Monday- Thursday. You can then do your final online test on Friday morning. Please do NOT do your online test until FRIDAY MORNING so I can then see the final test results for everyone after you have practised. Your online Big Maths test should be your final test score and should be done at the end of the week.

Big Maths CLIC and Learn It Tests 1.3.2021

RE- Jesus in the Desert


Read the PPT document below and the story of Jesus in the Desert

below. The Story is in a PDF format that you can read along with the pictures on the PPT. Then sequence the pictures of the story. Stick the pictures down in order and then write sentences or words to go with your pictures. Can you explain what is happening in each picture? 

RE Jesus in the Desert Lesson Sequencing PPT 1.3.2021

Jesus in the Desert Story ( to read along with pictures)

Pictures for RE Lesson Sequencing 1.3.2021

Daily Mile- Get Moving!


This is your daily reminder to have a break from your work and to keep healthy and active! You need your exercise so make sure you now run around your garden for 15 minutes or go on a 30 minute walk

Online Work 


It is time for you to practise your Maths and Phonic Reading Skills online. Click on the pictures to go straight to the websites.


Story Time

🚀Kids Book Read Aloud: WHATEVER NEXT I By Jill Murphy I StoryTime with Miss Randall

Every day I will be uploading a brand new 5 minute story for you to listen to to finish off your day of learning. Click on the youtube video below to watch our end of the day story for today. I hope you enjoy it!

World Book Day-4th March 2021


World Book Day Poster- Activities to Complete At Home


As it is World Book Day on Thursday, Miss Elliot has decided to link it to her final Art Lesson for this week. As it is the last week of her Art lessons, she wants to make it  fun and creative and she has therefore very kindly designed a poster advertising it to allow time for you  to gather the resources that you will need. The lesson will be on Friday afternoon and as we are giving you a bit of time to gather the resources we are hoping lots of you will take part in creating your favourite character collage! It links to World Book Day too which I know lots of you have been enjoying! Remember to just gather your resources for now and the live lesson will be on the class page on Friday. 

World Book Day Reading Quiz 2021


Complete the quiz below and see how many answers you know. If you get stuck ask your siblings or parents to help you- I think they might know some too!

World Book Day Reading Quiz 2021

Extra/ Challenge


Oak Academy has created a fantastic virtual school library for you

to enjoy with completely free videos and resources. Every week there is a brand new author of the week who will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and her top three recommended reads. They will also read you an extract from their book which is great for story time and for for helping your child to listen and engage with different books. The author last week was Dominique Valente who wrote the fantastic book ' Starfell.' You can also learn all about The Roman Age with Historian Author Jeremy Hunt. Click on the picture to go straight to the website.

Science Week 8th March 2021


On Monday 8th March we will be marking British Science Week as a school. The children will be returning to school this week and will be working as a class to create a Science project. The theme this year is 'Innovation' and our task is to create or design a new machine that will make our lives easier in the classroom or as a wider school. Try  and make it an idea which can and use easy/ recyclable materials and resources you think we may have in school. We will have a whole class brainstorm together when we return to school but for now, I would love for you to get involved remotely at home. All I want you to do is to post some of your ideas for our class machine onto the blog- what do you think it could be? I DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO MAKE A MACHINE- we will be doing that as a whole class in the Summer Term when we are all together. All you need to do is post some of your ideas for our machine to the blog- I will be giving 10 house points for every idea I receive from you. Remember our machine has to have the purpose of making our lives easier in the classroom or as a school community. 


PE At Home Dodgeball PDF