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Monday 1st March

Monday 1st March

Message from Dr Gould



No I haven't spelt hello wrong... it's how you spell it in Welsh and today is St David's Day. It's Wales' patron saints' day and the beginning of Spring. So if you look at a daffodil today it's one of their symbols too. I have a challenge (for extra housepoints) for you to research about St David and all things Welsh today. Please let me know what you find out.

Well we have one last week of this remote learning to do and this time next week we will be together in class... hurray!


 Loom Video

It's the Monday Loom talk about what we are learning this week. Click on the sign to hear what we are doing. 


Mr Carroll's Assembly for this week is here! Just click on the link below 

The second week of Lent is where we reflect on Bible stories which show how we can change by following Jesus.


For the children in blue group and who do Direct Instruction with Mrs Woodley.

Today's sound is oa/ow.



Today we start a new topic on graphs. It is a week's topic.

 PE with Joe.

Join us at 10am for today's exercise session.


This week we are learning about Captain Cook.

This week we are looking at rainbows. This is how they are made, how they are seen in the world and what the rainbow is used as a symbol for. With the reading click on the symbol above to hear the words.

Today is the lesson of the Parable of the Lost Sheep (which was in our collective worship last Wednesday). Read the story together, reflect on the story and then rewrite in your own words.

End of day reader

A fantastic book which reminds you that every living creature likes to learn!


This Thursday. We have some great things lined up. One is for  

the Art lesson, this Friday, which is World Book inspired so if you want to join in here is a list of what you will need to get ready.