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Monday 23rd

A message from Miss Hand...

Hi Reception,

I hope you are all well today and that you had a lovely weekend with your families at home. Today there are a few different activities. Please remember that there are different options. You do not have to do them all.

Today we will be doing some phonics - recapping previous sounds and looking at a new sound - 'igh', a trigraph (it has 3 letters, but makes 1 sound).

We will also be doing some Literacy - continuing to look at The Gruffalo and then we will be doing some Understanding the World - learning about light, night and day.

I hope you have a lovely day and thank you so much once again for all your hard work. Take care, Miss Hand smiley




As a school, we always set aside each Friday in Advent to carry out charitable giving and this year is no different.  

Each Friday will be an own clothes day and we will support a different charity each week.


You will find the details of who we are supporting, along with what you need to do to support them on the Reception class page within the

 'Reception - Dates for your diary' section.

Please click on the image to the right to take you to the page where there will be all the information you will need. smiley

Let's make this Advent season special for those who need to feel Jesus' light

and guidance in their life.


Today we are continuing to look at the story of The Gruffalo. On Thursday we are going to look at a new phonics story - Chick gets lost. We will be using our phonics we have learned so far and we will putting it into writing. 


If you have The Gruffalo at home, I wonder if you can read it with an adult. If you don't, take a look at the YouTube video below. You could even use your story maps that you created to retell the story. Perhaps you could also watch the animated version of The Gruffalo - I've added a link where you can watch it below. 

The Gruffalo - Read by Alan Mandel

There are 2 options today or you can have a go at both if you so wish.

1.) I wonder if you can have a go at drawing a picture from the story today and have a go at writing a simple sentence about it. Maybe you could just write some words. You can use the Gruffalo word mat to help you and the phonics sound mats. There is a document below with pictures of key events in the story too.


e.g. The Gruffalo is big.    The mouse has a nut.    The mouse met a fox.    The mouse met a snake.

The snake is in the logs.    The owl is in the tree.    


I have highlighted the high frequency words in red to show you how often we use these words and how important it is to learn them. 


The green words can be found on the story word mat and the blue words can be 'sounded out' to spell.

1. Gruffalo word mat 2. Phase 2 sound mat 3. Phase 3 sound mat (click images to enlarge)


Take a look at the Gruffalo activity below. Can an adult read the question for you? e.g. Is it a fox?

a. Write your answer - Yes it is. or No it is not.

b. Write a sentence saying what it is, e.g. It is a fox. Use the small word mat to help. This has all the words you will need. smiley


Click on images to enlarge (word document below)

The Gruffalo - simple sentence activity


In phonics, we do the following things:

1. Sing the alphabet song (the video below is slightly different to the one we sing at school, but the children know it).

2. Practise all of the sounds that we have learned so far.

3. Practise reading words with the previous sound in.

4. Watch a video of our new sound.

5. Practise reading words with our new sound in. We segment the sounds and blend them together to say/read the word, e.g. the word cat - segment ---> c-a-t - blend ---> cat!

6. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation).

7. Practise writing words with the new sound in.

1. Alphabet Phonics Song

Alphabet Phonics song with letter names and sounds. Every letter has a name and sound.

2. Practise all the sounds we have learned so far (click on the pictures to enlarge)

3. Practise reading words with the previous sound in - 'ai' (click to enlarge)

4. Watch a video of our new sound - igh (It's a trigraph - it has 3 letters, but it makes 1 sound)

5. Practise reading words with our new sound in - 'igh' (click on image to enlarge)

6. Practise writing our new sound - igh


6. Practise writing the new sound - igh (i formation)

6. Practise writing our new sound - igh (g formation)

6. Practise writing our new sound - igh (h formation

7. Practise writing words with the new sound in - 'igh' (click image to enlarge)

Understanding the world

Today we are going to be learning all about light and linking that to what we see in the day and at night!


If you have a copy of the story - Night monkey, day monkey, maybe you could read this with someone at home. If you don't, take a look at the Youtube video below. smiley


 Please remember that you don't need to do all of these things. 

First of all, I wonder if you can talk to someone at home about where we get light from? Maybe your ideas could be written down.


Now, take a look at the information slides below. Light comes from many different sources. Some are natural and some are man-made. The sun gives us light - it is our main source of light. We also get light from electricity and fire.

What else? What happens at night time? Can you talk about this with an adult at home.


Maybe you could talk about some of the different activities you do in the day or at night. Talk about why you sleep at night or go to school in the day. Discuss dark and light and the different things we do when it is dark and when it is light.


Perhaps you could sing, “This is the way we…” (Here we go round the Mulberry Bush) and follow a morning routine. You could wake up, stretch and yawn, brush teeth and hair, eat breakfast, go to school etc.

Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson

Day and Night time-lapse (London)

Still image for this video

There are three different things you could do today. Please don't feel that you have to complete everything.  


1. Sorting game -

Is it a light source or not?

There is a document of the images you'll need for the game at the bottom of this page.

2.Create a night and day collage/ picture.

What do you see in the day?

What do you see at night?

3.Day and Night sorting.

What do you do in the day?What do you do at Night?

Light sources sorting game