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Monday 25th January 2021

Marvellous Monday!

The start of a new week, let's have a great week!


Before you start your work for today, make sure to register using the link below...


Collective worship

Please find the collective worship for today below...




Please find today's liturgy below...

Sign of the day...

Snow and Snowman

Please find the sign of the day for today using the link below...

Maths 5 a day

Please complete the 5 a day below and find the answers to Friday's 5 a day below too...

Answers from Friday's 5 a day


Joe Wick's Workout

Please find the link to the Joe Wick's YouTube link below...


Basic Skills

Today we are going to learn how to use inverted commas properly in a sentence.

Click on the link below to take you to the BBC Bitesize website and then watch the video and complete the 2 quizzes.



Please complete the word problems below...




Watch the video for Pigeon Impossible again and then write a newspaper report about what has happened with the pigeon as if you were the reporter in the street.


Pigeon: Impossible

The inspiration for the animated feature SPIES IN DISGUISE starring Will Smith, Tom Holland, Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled, Ben Mendelsohn & Masi Ok...


You have learnt about using inverted commas today. Please complete the worksheet below...


Time for lunch...have a break from the work, have some food and relax for a short while!



Please read the slides by clicking on the document link below and complete the tasks...



Please practice your spellings below for this week...we are looking at how to create negative meanings using the prefix mis-...

  1. misspell
  2. mislead
  3. mistreat
  4. misbehave
  5. mistrust
  6. misprint
  7. misuse
  8. misplace
  9. misheard
  10. misread


Big Maths

Please complete the Big Maths practice for today based on your clic stage...


Well done for your first complete day of home learning for Week 4!

Have a rest now but make sure to keep practicing on TTRS, Active Learn, ReadTheory.