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Tuesday 9th February 2021

Tuesday 9th February 2021



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Art Lesson Feedback for Miss Elliot

A Message from Miss Murphy...

Good morning Year One! I hope you had a great Monday yesterday and enjoyed all your learning. We only have 4 more days to go until half term- come on Year One, you can do this! Today is 'Safer Internet Day' and you can find lots of fantastic websites and resources in the Extra section of the class page. There is also an assembly and live lesson to enjoy this morning as part of your learning so look out for them!


For Maths, you are continuing with halves and looking at halves or quantity or numbers. For English you are writing a fact file on frogs and in Science you are aiming to describe the different features and properties of materials!


Have a great Tuesday Year One and I look forward to seeing all of your fantastic work!

Basic Skills

Basic Skills PPT 9.1.2021

E Safety Assembly


Today is E Safety or Safer Internet Day and we have an assembly for you to watch. Please click on the picture to access our E Safety Assembly for today for 3-7's.

Collective Worship


Please click on the picture to go to the Collective Worship we are doing in class this week.


Phonics Lesson ( oo) Sound- short

Please find our Phonics Lesson and Sound Video for Today. ENJOY!



Then play a Phonics Games off the Phonics Games Website below. Click on the link to access the games and HAVE FUN!


Phonics Games Website 

E Safety- Online Live Lesson (11am)

Click on the picture below to go to a special online live lesson at 11am. BBC Teach and the CBBC channel have made a 30 minute a Safer Internet Day lesson. The lesson is for classes to view at home and will be showing you about how we can stay safe, responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world, with tips and advice from some of the biggest personalities on the web.





Click on the picture to access the lesson for today. 



Maths Lesson Half Fractions of Quantity PPT 9.2.2021

Maths Lesson Half Fractions of Quantity Worksheet 9.2.2021.pdf

English- Reading


Complete the following reading comprehension from the PPT below about The Circus. Read the text and answer the different questions. There is also an extra slide for challenge questions on Retrieval skills.- if you are feeling super confident with the text make sure you have a go!

English Football Reading Comprehension 9.2.2021

English- Writing


Complete the following writing activity from the PDF document below. Read or listen to the story and then complete the writing activity.

English Writing Activity 9.2.2021

Big Maths Class PPT

Big Maths PPT 9.2.2021

Big Maths

Beat That and CLIC Tests


Please click on the PDF below and find the Beat That and CLIC Tests with your name on.( There should be 2 tests each.)  Please print, practise and complete at home each day Monday- Thursday. You can then do your final online test on Friday morning. Please do NOT do your online test until FRIDAY MORNING so I can then see the final test results for everyone after you have practised. Your online Big 

Big Maths and CLIC Learn Its Year 1

Science- Materials


Please click on the picture below to access the Science Lesson Video. Then complete the worksheet document below on Materials.


Science Activity Worksheet 9.2.2021

Daily Mile- Get Moving!


This is your daily reminder to have a break from your work and to keep healthy and active! You need your exercise so make sure you now run around your garden for 15 minutes or go on a 30 minute walk.

Online Work 


It is time for you to practise your Maths and Phonic Reading Skills online. Click on the pictures to go straight to the websites.


Story Time

🐺❤️Kids Book Read Aloud: LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD by Mara Alperin I StoryTime with Miss Randall

Every day I will be uploading a brand new 5 minute story for you to listen to to finish off your day of learning. Click on the youtube video below to watch our end of the day story for today. I hope you enjoy it!

Extra/ Challenge

Tuesday 9th February is E Safety Day. Therefore I will be giving you lots of different resources to do with E Safety Day and staying safe online this week. There is so much to do so get involved if you can. When we are working so much from home and using computers safety online is more important then ever.


The Safer Internet Website has a range of videos, websites, resources, lessons and even assemblies. There are lots of fantastic video and films, education packs and lots of great tips for being safe. Click on the picture to access the website.

The BBC Teach Website has lots of videos and games to help teach you about staying safe online. There is even a video from Prince William talking to you about the BBC Own It App. Click on the picture to go straight to the website.

The BGFL website has a wonderful array of resources for Safer Internet Day.

Make sure you login to your account using your QR code or details first and then you

can find and click the resources in blue at the top of the BGFL Launchpad page. (please see the picture below.) The children can download templates and create their own e safety or social networking posters. There is also ThinkUKnow resources which have lots of fab and simple information for 4-7 and for 8-10 as well as  a whole host of games, videos and different information to help them with staying safe online. It covers lots of different topics such as gaming, watching and sharing things and chatting online. Click on the picture above to access the website.




PE At Home- Gymnastics