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Please check our web page regularly to keep up to date with what's happening in our classroom. You can find out what we have been learning and what is coming up.

As there has been a real decline in children posting on the blog, I am going to go back to posting daily learning tasks. Hopefully, this will support you in structuring your home learning.Please do post what you have done on the blog. I love to see what you have been doing and I will be awarding J2Stars points each day that you post on the blog.





Today’s challenge is to add the first sounds to these words from the story. See the powerpoint on the class page to do this.



This week’s maths activities are based on the book – The dinosaur that pooped a planet. You can find the story here:


The daily maths activities can be found here:


Phonics - /r/

Today’s sound is the /r/ sound. The following videos will support your child to learn to recognise, blend and write the sound.

  • Phonics with Mr Thorne – 





These are some words your child could read with the new and previously learnt sounds: rip, ram, rat, rag, rug, rot, rocket, carrot


There are lots of other "screen free" ways to practise your phonics in the home learning area.


Float or sink experiment. This is a really simple experiment. All you need is a bowl of water and some objects you don’t mind getting wet. Before placing the object in the water discuss with your child whether it will sink (go to the bottom of the water) or float (stay on top of the water). Then test your prediction. 





Today’s challenge is to create a story map of The Blue Balloon. You could use this to retell the story to your family.



This week’s maths activities are based on the book – The dinosaur that pooped a planet. You can find the story here:


The daily maths activities can be found here:


Phonics - /u/

Today’s sound is the /u/ sound. The following videos will support your child to learn to recognise, blend and write the sound.




These are some words your child could read with the new and previously learnt sounds: up, mum, run, mug, cup, sun, tuck, mud, sunset


This week’s bible story is The feeding of the 5000. You can watch it here or read it in Matthew 13:14-21. Your challenge is to create your own loaves and fish to act out the story. You could make them from paper, cardboard or even get baking!


PE @ home challenges

PE @ home challenges 1

New home learning resources

Here are some extra learning resources for the week. Blue Peter have launched six badges that children can work towards over the summer. You can find the details here:


The Daily Mile is a campaign to get children walking, jogging or running a mile each day. That means being on the move for around 15 minutes. When we are spending more time at home it can be easy to get out of the habit of exercising but it has so many benefits for our body and mind. Can you do a daily mile? You can find out all about the campaign here:

30 days wild

Make your own compost: not only is this great for reducing your food waste, it's also fun to do, kids will love tossing the veg scraps in! Try it out.

Go on a mini litter-pick: we have seen so many of you doing this already, it's amazing! It's a great way to take action for the planet. Here's our top tips.

Make a natural face mask: this can be a fun, messy activity that kids will love to create and use, here's how.

Get crafty and make a nature mandala: what could be more relaxing than mixing arts and crafts with nature? Find out how to create a nature mandala.

Get involved with Big Wild Weekend: we have tonnes of fun stuff coming up this weekend and prizes up for grabs.

PE@Home challenges for this week


Afternoon learning


This week's focus bible story is the parable of the lost sheep. You can read it in the Gospels of Matthew (Matthew 18:12–14) and Luke (Luke 15:3–7). It is the story of a shepherd who leaves his flock of ninety-nine sheep to find one missing sheep. It teaches us that we're all important to God. 

You can watch it here

You can find instructions on how to create your own lost sheep craft



As life is very different at the moment and can be anxiety provoking, I thought it might be nice to make worry dolls.




Random acts of wildness as part of the 30 days wild campaign

Science experiments -

Picture 1

Daily update – 01.06.20


Good morning Nursery,


Today is the first day of our last half term. I can’t believe that the time has gone so quickly. Today is the start of The Wildlife Trust’s 30 days wild campaign. The campaign encourages us all to take part in a “random act of wildness each day’ and I’m going to be putting these on the blog and website. The challenge today is to squelch your toes in the grass, sand or mud.


Hopefully you’ve been taking a well-earned break over the half term so today’s challenges are just to get you back into the home learning routine. Today I would like you to work on writing your name and recognising numbers 0 – 10 or 0 – 20.


You can practise name writing by painting with water on paving slabs or walls, using chalk outside, writing in foam, writing in rice, writing in flour or writing with crayons, pens or pencils.


You could practise recognising numbers with flashcards, making a tower with the correct number of blocks as the numeral, putting out the given number of teddies or toys or pegging cards onto a number line.


Finally, it’s Mrs Deocade’s birthday today. I know she’s been missing you lots and it would be lovely if you made her a birthday card!


Love from,
Miss Arnold

Chester Zoo are opening their virtual gates every Friday at 10am - you can watch the animals live through Youtube or facebook. Please see below for more links. There have now been 4 virtual days at the zoo, but you can catch up below!


Website link -

House points


As part of the BGfL platform, I am able to award house points - just like at school. I have been awarding 5 points per blog post so please do keep them coming. I love to see what you have been doing and to know that you are safe and well.


Remember if you need your BGfL log in details you can email:


Good morning Nursery! Today it's looking a little grey outside my window but that's a good excuse to find time to snuggle up with a book. Today's challenge is all about the sound "a". There are lots of ways of familiarising your child with this sound.

  • You can hear what it sounds like here

  • You can practise making the sound with this action song

  • You can see how to form the sound here and you can practise this in so many ways. Chalk outside, tracing the letter with your finger, making a tactile version of the letter from rice or sand, writing on someone's back with your finger.

  • You can see how many "a" sounds you can spot in any stories you read today.
  • You could find as many objects as possible that start with an "a" sound in your home.
  • Could you make some picture cards that all have objects that start with the a sound on them?

As always, please post your challenges on the blog and remember you get 5 house points for each challenge completed!

Love from,

Miss Arnold

A message from Mrs Deocades

Hello Nursery! It is lovely to see you all doing great work with your family! Miss Arnold and I talk about how we miss all of you. Keep up the good work, have fun and see you all soon!

Love and prayers to you and your families,

Mrs Deocades

Create an Easter Garden


During this time of Lent, we are getting ready for Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross. Normally, at this time of year, I would challenge you to make your own Easter Garden. I have put some photographs of examples below however you can create your Easter Garden in any way you like. They nearly always feature a tomb and a cross but the rest is up to you! I can’t wait to see how creative you can be.


Please post photos of your wonderful creations on the blog!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Nursery Trip to Ash End Farm


We had the most wonderful day out at Ash End Farm today. The children were incredibly well behaved and stayed cheerful and enthusiastic throughout what was a long and busy day. Once we arrived the children had the opportunity to see the farm allotment, birds of prey and the a range of reptiles. We were amazed when we were allowed to stroke a giant tortoise!


After this, we went to have lunch in our very own barn to build up our energy for the fun we still had to come. Next, the children had the chance to see lots of different breads of sheep and even stroke a lamb. The children impressed our farm guide with their knowledge about what can be made with sheep's wool and the name of a baby sheep. 


We went to visit the hatchery next and stroke the tiny chicks and have some older chicks on our laps. The chicks and chickens all looked very different and they felt very soft. 


We then moved on to help Farmer Debbie collect the eggs from the lying eggs. We all got to collect one and tomorrow the children can take these home to make their favourite egg dish. We would love to see photos of your delicious dishes! 


As our day drew to a close we got to see lots of shire horses and visit and feed the goats. The horses were a lot bigger than us - even the foal! 


A massive thank you to those parents who came to help on the day and those who offered their help also. We couldn't make these trips happen without your support. 

Lenten Charity

On each Friday in Lent St.Rose support others through a charitable act. Please see the calendar of events below. This has also been sent out as a letter. 



What to wear and bring


Friday 6th March

Pyjama day for World Book Day.

Friday 13th March

Own clothes and bring £1

Sports Relief

Friday 20th March

Charitable Act – Family Fast Day*


Friday 27th March

Own clothes and bring £1

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Friday 3rd March

Own clothes and bring £1

Father Hudson’s Appeal

Lenten Retreat


The children had a wonderful opportunity last week to take part in a Lenten retreat run by Dan and Emily from One Life Music. They spent the day singing, playing games, praying and reflecting on scripture to help prepare their hearts for Easter during this special time. We had a special focus on, "A God who speaks" as it is the Year of The Word. Nursery reflected particularly on the bible verse, "Love is kind" 1 Corinthians 13:4. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Growing and changing


The children have loved learning all about how things grow and change this term. We have learnt about how humans grow and develop, how plants grow from seeds and all about the life cycle of a caterpillar. We have been learning all about the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and have made our own caterpillars, butterflies and have acted out the story.


E-safety day 


As E-safety day is this week, we will be learning about how to keep safe online in Nursery.


This is a great link with age appropriate e-safety resources that you may like to share with your children.



Please be aware that a new homework sheet has been stuck into the children's homework books. The challenges are designed to be worked through at your own speed throughout the term. Thank you to those of you who completed lots of the homework challenges last term. Please can we ask that children are not allowed to just scribble on the front of or in the homework books. 


We have also set the children a challenge to teach a family member or friend to do some star jumps and jump on one foot after we learnt to do this in PE.


Thank you!

Thank you so much for your incredible generosity to our library book appeal. Nursery donated lots of beautiful books and they will make our library a far more exciting place for the children.


Picture 1