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Books Bingo


Below I have shared a Books Bingo resource with you which I think you may enjoy as I know how many of you love reading. There are many activities for you to try based on your favourite books- they include drawing a story map or a scene, writing a letter to a character or asking the author some questions about the book. Not all the activities are appropriate to Year One but there are a lot I think you can benefit from- have a go at some book bingo activities and make sure you blog about it so I can give you lots of j2stars points!






Online Reading Resources, Books and Websites....


Below are some resources, websites and  ideas for lots of different books that you can use online for free. You have many different ways to read books, whether you read your school books, a pleasure book at home, Active Learn books or books online from the fantastic websites below. This means there really is no excuse for children to be reading every day even if is just for 10 minutes! It is so important and it is part of our blog challenge this week so please remember to put any pictures or any writing about your reading on your class blog!


ICT Games- This website is completely free and is another amazing resources for English, Phonics, Spelling  and Maths. The link below takes you to lots of fun games for Year 1,  all of which link to the National Curriculum and Objectives. The games are great visual and interactive aids to keep you focused and learning at home.


Classroom Secrets- This website is completely free and is another amazing resources for reading and Phonics. The link below takes you to  lots of fun games for Year 1 for Phonics, Spelling and Maths. The Phonics ones are particulary  good as they are fun, interactive and keep your child learning.


Nosy Crow- This website has a fantastic free resource book explaining coronavirus for children. It is simple and has great illustrations- a must read!


BBC Entertainment- This website has a fantastic reading article which shows The  Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson showing her characters using  social distancing.


The Collin's Website- his website has released lots of resources for you to access at home including online books, times table practise, songs, worksheets, activities and much more.  This would be a great website for you to have a look through.  Click the link below to access their website.


Harry Potter at Home- Many of you will already love Harry Potter either because you have watched the films or read the books.  J.K.Rowling has now released her 'Harry Potter at Home' for free whilst the schools are closed.  The hub will change all of the time so, if you're a Harry Potter fan, head over to it and see what you can find.  Click on the link below to access their website.



Sir Linkalot Spelling-- Need help with your spelling?  Fancy practising this as part of your daily English?  Sir Linkalot could help you today.  This website is dedicated to spelling and, whilst the schools are closed, they are also giving free access to their spelling resources.  You can either download their app or log on to your computer.  All you have to do is sign up and they'll give you the FREE username and password to access all of their spelling resources.  Click on the link below to access their website.



Storytime with David Walliams-every day at 11am, David Walliams will read a story on his website.  This is free to access and his stories are often very amusing so go to the link below to listen to his daily story.


Oxford Owl Website- This has a  eBook collection, developed for children aged 3–11 years old. You can help your  young child learn to read, and love to read, with their range of over 100 free eBooks and they are all tablet- friendly.   Just register or log in on their website to start reading. Please note that if you are a new user, you will not be able to access the eBooks until you have clicked the 'confirm' button in your account activation email. The link for the website is below.



Audible Free Books Website- Audible are giving access to their children's books for free which means you can listen to more books at home.  This will be available for as long as school is closed and all stories are free to stream  on your laptop, phone or table.  They have  an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. I have added the website link below so click on it, explore the collection, select a title and start listening!