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As we progress with the COVID-19 Government enforced lockdown, it can be hard to keep a positive mind so it is very important that we keep our minds active and focused. I have added some great online resources and activities below that will do just that! Take the time to have ago at as many of these as possible. If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact me through the blog or email and I'll endeavour to help as soon as possible.



Miss Elliott



Prodigy Maths

This website allows children to practise their Maths whilst playing games. Click 'play prodigy' after clicking here to play.





Literacy Shed Plus



Literacy Shed Plus is a great website to help you keep on top of your reading and comprehension skills. There are reading packs, which include material and questions to direct you through. To find out more information and explore the website click here.

A little but a lot

'A little but a lot' is a fantastic blog, written by a Year 6 teacher named Steph. She has created calendars for Maths and English which can be used daily to do 'a little' bit of work. 


FREE-DAY: Calendar Maths! 

The Maths calendar for May has a question for everyday. Obviously, this isn't going to take you very long to do (as we are Maths geniuses in Year 4), however just doing one in the morning each day could help to warm your brains up!


FREE-DAY: Writing!

The Writing calendar is slightly different to the Maths one as it does not have a question for each day. Instead, there is either a character, story plot or setting for you to write from. Your writing could be in the form of a postcard, letter, diary, report, etc. 


Both of these calendars can be found in the 'Daily Maths' & 'Daily English' subpages on the class page. I hope you find these useful and enjoy getting on with them. They won't take much time at all to complete and you will feel like you have really achieved something each day! 


To find out more information, visit the blog by clicking here.

Daily Lessons

As you may have heard, the Government are promoting 180 free online lessons per week for Reception - Year 10. Not only this, but BBC Bitesize are doing something similar, which is great if you are stuck with what to do at home!


Oak Tree National Academy

Oak Tree National Academy is the online classroom that the Government are promoting. When entering the website, you can access the daily schedule and which subject you would like to do first. All you need to do is select the correct year group for your child and everything will be on there for you to access. 


Click on the images below to take you to the website.




BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize are also doing daily lessons for your child to access. Again, choosing the correct year group for your child will give you access to the subjects that are suitable for them. The website also shows you which lessons are coming up over the next few days, so that you don't need to do any planning yourself.


Click on the image below to take you to the website.




Please note:

Please be aware that these home learning lessons do not follow the curriculum specific to our school, therefore this is not exactly what we would be learning if we were in school. However, these are great lessons for keeping your child's mind active and ticking over before returning and is a great way of helping you - as affectively teachers - to support your child's learning throughout this tricky time.