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Children's logins can be found in their homework diaries.

Any problems with log-ins or if you do not have your BGFL log in (for the class blog)  please email and

we will endeavour to deal with your request within an appropriate timeframe.  Thank you!

Mrs. Richardson

The Oak National Academy!

The Oak National Academy is the online classroom that the Government are promoting. When entering the website, you can access the daily schedule and which subject you would like to do first. All you need to do is select the correct year group for your child and everything will be on there for you to access. 

Click here to visit The Oak National Academy website.

Literacy Shed Plus!

The Literacy Shed Plus website has lots of free resourcs for you to explore to ensure you are keeping on top of your reading and comprehnsion skills.  Click the here to explore and download.

Read Theory!

An excellent online comprehension tool which provides the children with level appropriate comprehensions where I can moniutor their progress and usage. PLEASE NOTE: this is a free resource so there may be some small pop up adverts at the bottom of the web-page which will be directly linked to searches that have previously been conducted on that computer.

Click here to explore.

SATs Boot Camp!

Even though the children will not be completing their SATs this year, this website is still great practice for Year 7.  A great resource which contains revision guides, games and lots of practice tests. The tests are excellent replicas of the real SATs papers. I can also check the children's progress and monitor how much has been completed.

Click here to explore.

Prodigy Maths!

A fun online tool which allows the children to practise maths while playing games. Click on 'Play Prodigy'.

SPaG.Com is an excellent resources for the children to revise their grammar skills and familiarise themselves with SATs style SPaG questions.

Click here to explore.

Times Table Rockstars!

Click here to explore.

Oxford Owl Reading!

Another free excellent resource that we have found is Oxford Owl. 

Here you will find e-books, games and videos to help you.  

Click here to explore.


 This is Barefoot.  They have lots of interactive games that you can do linked to computing and programming.  Have a look and see if you can complete any of the games. 

Click here to explore.