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Autumn 2 2022

Literacy-Week 4

Handa's Surprise

 Nursery have continued to learn the story of Handa's Surprise this week and have been retelling the story with an adult, using a story map we made as a class. The children have been continuing to practise the vocabulary in the story, listing the different fruits and animals, and have used the map and their own stick puppets to help them with this.


Our children have also been sequencing the story using pictures and the book to help them which has also helped with their understanding. They have also been practising basic pre-writing shapes such as circles, lines and crosses. They did a fantastic job and you can see some pictures of Nursery in their lesson below.

Understanding the World- Week 3

 People who Help Us 


Nursery have been continuing with their 'All About Me' topic and have focused on people who help us this week. We have been exploring different people who work in the community and help us such as vets, dentist, lollipop workers, builders and teachers.


We then learnt about emergencies and people who help us when we need help such as firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses and paramedics. The children acted out many of these roles and so enjoyed dressing up! Nursery also made their own fire engine,and listened to stories about people in our community.


You can see pictures of Nursery enjoying their Understanding the World lessons below- super work this week!

Maths-Week 3

Counting to 4 17.11.2022

 This week in Mathematics the children have been counting to 4. They have been practising reciting their counting to 4 and counting up to 4 with number correspondence. Nursery have watched the Numberblocks Episode about the number 4 and have explored how 4 can be show in different ways- in a tower, a line, a square and even an L shape! 


The children have so enjoyed different activities in class- they have been counting a variety of objects up to 4, used counters to make 4 in different ways and have gone on number hunts. They have also been pegging socks on a washing line and counting and have even had a go at writing some basic numbers- wow! We are so proud of Nursery's fantastic Maths work and enjoy seeing the pictures of their lessons below.

Literacy-Week 3

Handa's Surprise

 This week the children have been learning a new story- 'Handa's Suprise.' They have been learning the story in small groups, listening to it and retelling it using masks and story puppets. They also have been practising the vocabulary from the story, and writing their own shopping list with fruit from the story. This has been very usesful for the children, especially as there has been some tricky vocabulary such as 'guava' and 'passion fruit'.


Nursery have also been making pictures from the story, cutting out different fruits and animals and working on using scissors and holding them correctly. The children have also had a fruit and vegetable shop in the classroom and have used this learning through role play to help their understanding and communication of the story. You can see some pictures of Nursery's work below and well done to all!

Expressive Arts- Week 2

 Winter Colours

In our Art lesson this week Nursery class have started learning about Winter colours. We discussed how the colours for Winter are grey, blue, silver and white and identified these colours together.


The children looked at a variety of Winter pictures and discussed the colours they could see together. We also explored what we could see in the picture for Winter such as snow, frost, cold weather etc. Nursery then made their own Winter abstract pictures using winter colours and a variety of abstract materials such as forks, string and sponges. 


 You can see pictures of the children enjoying their Art lesson below and please ask them what Winter colours they now know at home!


Mathematics-Week 2

Comparing Numbers



This week Nursery have been comparing numbers to 3. We have talked about terms such as ' bigger' and 'smaller' and have discussed which piles have more and which have fewer. The children have explored this in different ways, looking at towers, sorting bears into more and fewer and also comparing picture cards.



We have been amazed with how quickly the children have picked up the vocabulary and how super they have been at comparing these different numbers. Playing these different games and having opportunities for discussion has really helped their understanding. You can see pictures of Nursery enjoying their Numeracy lessons below and we would love if they could try comparing some numbers at home with you. They could show you more and fewer using plates and any objects- food, toys, spoons etc. 

Literacy-Week 2

We're going on a Bear Hunt


 The children in Nursery have been carrying on with their ' Bear Hunt' story this week. They have been working on sequencing the story using pictures and using this to help them retell key words and phrases form the story. The children also created their own story maps, filling in the gaps for the story and drawing the missing bits they know.


Nursey know the story really well now and we can see how much their vocabulary is developing, with them using and now understanding words such as ' forest', 'cave' and ' river'. They have also been working on their cutting skills in class too and have been making bears, cutting out different parts and sticking them together. We have been focusing on holding scissors correctly and cutting slowly and accurately. You can see some pictures of Nursery's work below and a great job everyone!

Mathematics-Week 1

Numbers to 3



This week Nursery have been learning about the numbers 1,2 and 3. They have focused on what these numbers look like in different forms, recognising the different numbers pictorially and showing different representation of these numbers using objects, fingers etc. 


They have sorted numbers into correct piles, made different representations of 1,2, and 3 using different objects such as twigs and buttons, and have sorted numbers into the correct piles based on their amounts. You can see pictures of Nursery enjoying their Numeracy lessons below- we have been so amazed by their knowledge of these numbers and how quickly they can identify them. Superb Maths Nursery!

 Literacy-Week 1

We're going on a Bear Hunt



 Nursery have started their new book for this half term which is 'We're going on a Bear Hunt.' This week, they have been listening to the story in small groups and joining in with key actions and words. The children also went on a Bear Hunt around school, and role played going through the grass, the river, and even all the way to the bear cave. They were super at looking out for different bears and even found one! You can see some pictures of Nursery enjoying the story below.

Autumn 1 2022

Expressive Arts- Week 7

 Autumn Colours




In our Art lesson this week Nursery class have explored Autumn colours. We discussed how the colours for Autumn are green, brown, yellow, red and orange and identified these colours together.


The children have been looking at many Autumn leaves in Forest School and showing us leaves that have changed colour and fallen of the trees. Today then made an Autumn collage as a class, using different materials such as felt, paper, rib bon and pompoms. They had to make sure they used the correct Autumn colours.


They also made Autumn finger paintings using colours and enjoyed getting their hands messy! They also made Autumn wreaths, cutting out leaves and sticking them down and made different coloured leaves out of playdough and using colouring. What a fantastic Art lesson Nursery! You can see pictures of the children enjoying their Art lesson below and please ask them what Autumn colours they know at home!



Understanding the World- Week 7

 Family Trees and Jobs 


Nursery have been learning about family trees in their ' All About Me' topic this week. We have been discussing the people who are in our family such as parents, grandparents and siblings. The children have learnt about different types of families and have so enjoyed telling us about their own.


We then moved onto talking about what we want to be when we grow up and explored the different types of job there are together. The children learnt about police officers, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, teachers, dancers and so much more! They then made pictures of themselves in their favourite job, discussing why they liked that job and what they would have to do.


Great Understanding the World this week Nursery- you are all superstars!


 Literacy-Week 7

Dear Zoo Story maps



 Nursery have finished of their 'Dear Zoo' story by creating their own story maps this week. We have created a whole class story map to help us retell the story and Nursery have also had a go at their own. Using the book and our whole class map, Nursery have either drawn different animals in the story or cut and stuck animals onto their maps using their cutting and gluing skills.


Once their maps were finished Nursery then used them to retell the story. They are so fantastic at this and can name many key phrases from the story such as 'he was too big' and ' I sent him back.'


We will be starting a new book in Literacy over the half term but Nursery have so enjoyed the story of Dear Zoo. Please ask then to retell the story to you at home- I am sure you will be very impressed. You can see some of Nursery's wonderful story maps below. 


RE- Week 7

Thanking God for Creation



This week Nursery have been thanking God for Creation in their RE lesson. The children spoke about what God made and discussed how he made the world and all the wonderful things in it. They then explored what the word 'thank you' means and learnt about how we use it when we are happy or grateful for something.


Nursery then explored lots of different activities for thanking God- they made world and nature collages both inside and outside, they made thank you cards with their favourite things, and explored tuff trays of the world. They even sorted different pictures into nature, people, animals and used playdough and paint to make their favourite things from Creation.


The children were absolutely brilliant at thanking God for the wonderful things he made as they completed these activities and it is so wonderful to see them showing such gratitude and appreciation for our world. Please see Nursery enjoying their RE lesson below and well done to you all!



 Mathematics-Week 5 and 6

Matching and Sorting



Over the past few weeks Nursery have been learning all about matching and sorting in their Maths lessons. The children have had great fun learning these concepts and have been matching and sorting objects by colour, size and patterns.


They have worked with bears, socks, buttons, beads, animals and even leaves in order to explore these concepts. They have discussed different colours of objects, if they are big or small, and what pattern they have. Mrs Deocades and I have been so wowed by how fantastic they are at this- we think they are all matching and sorting experts! 


You can see pictures of Nursery enjoying their Mathematics lessons below and please ask the children to show you their wonderful matching and sorting skills to you at home- perhaps they could sort the washing pile, tidy their toys or even match the food on their dinner plate?! Enjoy watching them truly impress you, just as they impressed us. Great Maths skills Nursery!

 Literacy-Week 6

Sequencing Dear Zoo



This week Nursery have been continuing to look at the story of 'Dear Zoo.' They have been retelling the story in small groups using our whole class story map and actions. They have also sequenced the different animals in our story using cards and our story map to refer back to. Nursery have enjoyed playing lots of sequencing games such as ' which animal is missing'? or ' which animal is the odd one out and not in our story?'


The children have also made their own stick puppets of the animals and characters of the story, which they have then used to help them retell it to each other. Nursery have had a fantastic week of Literacy and are so brilliant at retelling the story now. You can see them enjoying their lessons from this week below- well done Nursery! We will be moving onto making and drawing our own story maps next week.

Understanding the World- Week 6

Growing and Changing and Families 


This week we have been learning about how we grow and change- from a baby, to a child, to a teenager and adult and then finally to an elderly person. Nursery have been looking at photos of people in different stages of their life and sequencing these on a timeline.


They now know that we grow and change as we get older- we can do things now as children that we could not do as babies and we will do things as adults we can-not do as children etc. The children have been fantastic at telling us about the different things they can do at each stage- they know that as children they can now do things that babies can't such as eating independently, walking, running and talking. They also know that adults are different to children- they go to work and may have their own children etc.


They have loved talking about the adults and elderly people in their lives, such as parents and grandparents, who look after them and love them. You can see the children enjoying their Understanding the World lesson below and sequencing the correct ages. Please continue to ask them about their 'All About Me' topic at home.  Super work Nursery!



 Understanding the World- Week 5

Our Bodies and Faces

Nursery have began their first Understanding the World lessons this week, where we have been having a wonderful time learning all about our bodies and faces.


The children have been learning all about their different body parts and what they feel like- some areas, such as our tummies, feel soft and squishy whereas some areas, like our heads and skulls are harder. The children were able to identify different parts of the body on a person and then point to that part of the body on themselves.


Nursery also looked at faces and the different parts of a face such as eyes, mouths, noses, ears etc. They then made their own faces using paper plates and different materials such as wool, card, googly eyes etc.


What an amazing week Nursery and well done to all of you. Please ask your child at home what they can tell you about the body and face- I know you will be wowed! There is a picture slideshow below of the children enjoying their Understanding The World lessons and the different activities. Please enjoy!

Literacy- Week 5

Learning about Dear Zoo


This week Nursery have been having great fun learning all about the story of 'Dear Zoo.' They have been listening so well to the story in class and even had a go at retelling the story in small groups and using the masks. This is brilliant for their communication and language and supports them in enjoying stories and much- loved books. They will be looking at this story for the next few weeks so make sure you ask them about this at home!


You can click on the link below to find videos of the children retelling the story of 'Dear Zoo'. There is also a picture slideshow below of the children using their masks and painting the story and characters. Great work Nursery!