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Our learning journey



We have started learning phase two phonics this term. The first sounds we have learnt are s,a,t,p,i,n. The children have been matching the pictures to the initial sounds and practising writing the letters themselves. 

Forest School


We have loved Forest School this term. It's been a lot warmer than when we did it earlier in the year! It's wonderful to see God's creation up close and we had an amazing time creating habitats for some woodland creatures. 

Snack time

We never stop learning in Nursery. Although it might look like we're just having a snack, we are practicing lots of important skills.Each day, the children take it in turn to give out the hand gel and cups and they then collect the cups in and collect any waste fruit to add to the compost heap. We having been learning how important it is to compost waste fruit and vegetables as part of our Live Simply award. The children are brilliant at taking turns, using their best manners and working together to care for our classroom. Even peeling fruit is brilliant for building up the strength in our hands and fingers!

Pirate treasure


The children had a brilliant time yesterday digging for pirate treasure. They worked in teams to find, count and compare the amount of treasure they had found. The children showed such high levels of engagement and enthusiasm and it was a brilliant way to encourage the children to use vocabulary such as more and less. 



We were very excited to return to school to find that our caterpillars had finally metamorphosed into butterflies! We spent the morning observing and drawing our butterflies and then took them outside to release them into the forest school area. Although we were sad to see them go, it was amazing to witness the transformation. 

Celebrating Easter

We have been learning about how Jesus rose from the dead. We know that hallelujah is a special word that shows how happy we are. The children made a brilliant banner to celebrate. 

Caterpillars in Nursery!


Nursery have had some creepy crawly visitors this week. We have been learning how plants, animals and people grow and change and are very excited to see what the caterpillars will do next. The children know all about caterpillar life cycles and are very hopeful that they will start developing their cocoons soon. 

The end of Forest School


Nursery have absolutely loved their time doing Forest School. It has been wonderful for them to have a chance to be adventurous, learn about risk taking and get to celebrate the great outdoors. We celebrated the end of our time at Forest School by singing campfire songs and making hot chocolate over the fire. The children even helped clean their cups up afterwards!

Acting out The Last Supper

Stations of the cross

Supporting Positive About Down's Syndrome by wearing green, orange and yellow


We wore our own clothes in the colours of the charity Positive About Down's Syndrome and some children paid £1 to plant a sunflower for the sunflower competition. We learnt that PADS supports children with Down's Syndrome and that having Down's Syndrome means that you have an extra chromosome. 

Planting sunflower seeds and exploring in Forest School


We had great fun planting sun flower seeds and exploring the den the big children had made during our forest school session. We are loving growing things this term and the children impressed Miss Arnold and Mrs Deocades with their knowledge that our seeds would need light and water to grow. 

The chicks visit Nursery


We were very excited today as the chicks Reception have been looking after came to visit us in Nursery. The children were absolutely fascinated by them and after our lesson about animals and their babies they were able to explain that the chicks would grow into chickens. 

We love Forest School! 


The children have loved their forest school sessions so far. We have made magic potions, shelters for animals, planted onions, painted using the rain and painting on ice. Please make sure your child comes in suitable forest school clothes on a Wednesday. 

Crazy Scientist Day for Comic Relief


We loved dressing as crazy scientists and had great fun making seed bombs and planting different seeds so we can watch when they germinate to celebrate the end of British Science Week!

World Book Day

We had so much fun celebrating World Book Day. We were really impressed with the children's outfits and the words they represented are going into the St.Rose dictionary. Over the course of the day, we made book marks, mini books and decorated a giant Elmer!

Painting Elmer

Baking bread just like the Little Red Hen


We are learning all about the story of the Little Red Hen and have had a brilliant time baking our own bread. We were very impressed with how the dough rose and even more impressed with how it tasted!

Number day


We had a brilliant time on Friday celebrating Number Day to raise money for the NSPCC. The children looked fantastic in their number themed outfits and enjoyed lots of practical maths activities

Making gingerbread

As our text this week is The Gingerbread Man we just had to make some gingerbread of our own. Luckily, ours didn't come to life and run out of the classroom and it tasted delicious. 

What are we learning this week?




Understanding the world



Art & music

Physical development

We are starting to learn about The Gingerbread Man. We will make gingerbread and act out the story using freeze frames.

We will be playing games to listen to and remember sounds.  

We will be discussing patterns.   

We will learn how the stegosaurus lived long before the T-Rex and all about palaeontologists.

We will be learning that baptism is a naming ceremony.    

Our PSHE session will focus on how we can care for the bodies God has given us.


We will be making sculptures in the style of Henry Moore.    


Our Nursery rhyme of the week this week is: Jack and Jill

Our PE lesson will focus on following pathways with different stepping patterns.  


We will also be taking part in lots of fine motor activities within the provision. As well as using our gross motor skills to ride bikes and climbing on the climbing frame.

Acting out baptism

What are we learning this week? - Spring 1 - Week 3






Understanding the world



Art & music

Physical development

We will be making story maps and using them to retell the story of the billy goats gruff.

We will be using body percussion to help our ability to distinguish between sounds.

We will be learning the language of size and ordering objects by height.  

We will be starting our topic on dinosaurs. We will learn that dinosaurs lived a long time ago and then learning more about the fearsome T-Rex!

We will be learning that water is used in baptism.   

Our PSHE session will focus on how we can care for the bodies God has given us.


We will be using tools to manipulate clay.   


Our Nursery rhyme of the week this week is: Sing a song of sixpence.

Our PE lesson will focus on being able to roll. We will also be taking part in lots of fine motor activities within the provision.


As well as using our gross motor skills to ride bikes and climbing on the climbing frame.