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An effective partnership between home and school is an essential aspect of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and we want to enable you to be as involved as possible in your child’s education. 

Assessment in the Early Years is ongoing and is largely anecdotal, for example, recording what a child has said or done during their play and exploration to demonstrate new skills or knowledge. As children spend a considerable amount of their time at home with family members, they will naturally demonstrate newly acquired knowledge and skills in the home environment. In order to accurately build a picture of your child’s learning and development, and plan their next steps effectively, we would be very grateful if you could contribute to their learning journey by filling in a ‘Magic Moment’ slip when your child demonstrates something at home that you feel is a noteworthy achievement for them.

Please do not feel that you have to fill these in all the time, we will be very happy to receive one or two slips for your child on a half-termly or termly basis.

Magic moment single slip

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