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Partial Return to School 2020

29th June – 16th July

Returning to school (for some):

As you might be aware, some of you will be returning to school before the end of term. The children who are returning will only be in for a week (which will have been specified in a letter).

Not all of you will be returning as we simply do not have the room, but that is fine; you will not be missing out!

I am currently teaching a Year 6 bubble and therefore you will be with Miss Arnold and a couple of Year 5 children.

You will be doing the same work that you will have been set at home so it is important to bring your own earphones (if you have any) so that you can follow the online lessons independently.  

You will also need to bring:

  • A packed lunch & water bottle
  • Waterproof coat & shoes
  • Wear trainers

You will be getting outside as much as possible whilst in school and taking part in a morning workout and the Daily Mile in the afternoon.

I hope this makes sense and is reassuring for those of you who are spending the remainder of the term working from home. If you have any questions at all, email me on or if your parents have concerns, email and we will get back to you within an appropriate time frame.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Elliott

Key information:

If you are returning to school, you should arrive at the normal playground gate, promptly at 8:55. Once the gates are shut, you will not be able to enter for health and safety reasons.

You will remain in your 4/5 bubble for the rest of the day with Miss Arnold and will have allocated slots for the morning workout, break, lunch and the Daily Mile to avoid cross-overs with other bubbles. The bubbles are put in place to keep you safe and so that you are isolated from other children and staff in the school. You need to make sure that you wash your hands or use hand sanitiser every time you come into the classroom.

You will be assigned an iPad/Laptop and an exercise book with writing equipment so that you are not sharing with others. You will follow the tasks set on your class’ page.

At the end of the day, you will leave through the same gate at 2:55. Again, once the gates are shut, you will be taken to the family room where you will await collection from parent/carer.

Please make sure you stick to the 2 meter rule where possible and stay at least 1 meter apart from others.

It all sounds very scary, but you will have a lovely time and we are trying to make school as normal as we possibly can!