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In Nursery we focus on phase 1 and 2 phonics. As a class we have just started learning the sounds s, a, t, p and i

Phonics blogs to support teaching phonics at home

Ideas to support phonics teaching.

  • Collect items with the same initial sound. E.g. toy, tin, toilet roll.
  • Write the sounds on plastic bottle tops and see how many words you can create.
  • Write sounds or words in a tray of sand, flour, rice or shaving foam with your finger.
  • Create picture cards to match to initial sounds or simple words.
  • Don’t forget to practise your letter formation. You could also practise writing simple words using the sounds we have learnt.
  • Use the bitesize phonics videos to revist the sounds.
  • Write sounds and words in chalk and jump to the correct sound or squirt it with a water pistol.
  • On a dry day, "paint" sounds using water and a paintbrush on walls outside or on pavements
  • Search for the sound you have been learning around the house, on signs and in stories you read.
  • Use flashcards to practise sounds.
  • Play snap using flashcards
  • Match sounds and pictures. 



Oxford Owl has a a free e-book (online book) library available for different age groups.


Alphablocks is a great CBeebies website which has a number of videos, games and songs to help with reading (phonics).



Phonics Bloom is a great website with a number of interactive games to help with phonics at home.




Phonics Play is another fantastic website with a number of interactive games to help with phonics at home.



Topmarks phonics has a variety of phonics games.