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Important Phonics Information and Resources For New Year One Pupils ( who will be Year One from September 2020)



Dear Parents / Carers of Year One from September 2020,


In June 2021 the children from Year 1 will take the Phonics Screening Check. The Phonics Screening Check is a short, light-touch assessment to confirm whether individual children have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard. Each child will have to read 40 words on the test, 20 of which are alien words and 20 of which are real/ fake or ‘alien’ words. The words are designed to test the children’s reading and phonic ability. The test will also identify the children who need extra help so they are given support by their school to improve their reading skills.


To help your child prepare for The Phonics Test I have given you a list of different Phonics resources below. Below this text you will find a digital letter about The Phonics Screening Check as well as different website links for you to practise your Phonics online ( just click on the green weblinks) or different Phonics activities packs for you to download, print and practise with your child at home.There are activity packs which you can print at home from your computer and reuse as much as you like! In the coming months leading  up to the Phonics screening it is really important that you practice the Phase 2,3,4 and 5 sounds regularly with your child.  It is vital that the children continue to practice their Phonics over the next few months and it will help your child greatly for when they come to do the test next year.


 If you have any questions or are unsure about anything to do with the Phonics Screening or the Phonics resources just come and speak to me anytime.


Kind Regards

Miss C. Murphy
(Year 1 class teacher)


Phonics Online Resources


Letter and Sounds for Home and Schools A brilliant Youtube Channel which has different Phonics videos showing you different sounds and how to blend and segment! A wonderful resource for both children and parents!  
The Collin's Website This website has a wide range of print and digital resources for primary and early years. Collins has a rich heritage of supporting schools through high-quality resources for English, maths, science and more. The exciting and flexible programmes cover the current National Curriculum and offer an enhanced learning experience for all pupils.  
Phonics Games his site has plenty of free phonics games. Your child will have lots of fun while developing their phonic knowledge and skills.  
Active Learn  Read books and practice all of your Phonic Sounds with this amazing resource! It is a tool for reading and the children have been allocated stage appropriate books that they can read online and then answer questions.  
ICT GAMES Here you'll find free educational games aimed at children between 5 and 8 years old. The games are linked to the UK KS 1 curriculum and. have a  range of English, Phonics and Maths games to test your knowledge  
Phonics Play A range of activities, resources and games to support children in Phase 2-5 Phonic Sounds  
Phonics Bloom A range of activities, resources and games to support children in Phase 2-t Phonic Sounds  
Top Marks Phonics A range of games and activities to support childrens Reading and Phonics  
Education Games Lots of Free Home Learning Resources for Phonics  
Monster Phonics Here are lots of great free phonics worksheets and activities.  
Read Theory

An excellent online comprehension tool which provides the children with level appropriate comprehensions where I can monitor their progress and usage. PLEASE NOTE: this is a free resource so there may be some small pop up adverts at the bottom of the web-page which will be directly linked to searches that have previously been conducted on that computer.



Year One 2020 Phonics Letter to Parents

Phase 2- 5 Sound Mat covering all Sounds, Graphemes, Digraphs and Split Digraphs

Phase 2 CVC Words to Read and Match

Phase 3 Sounds and Letters Words to Read

Phase 3 Sounds- Real and Alien/ Nonsense Words to Read

Phase 2 Sounds Activity Pack and Booklet

Phase 3 Sounds Activity Pack and Booklet

Phase 4 Sounds Activity Pack and Booklet

Phase 5 Sounds Activity Pack and Booklet