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Physical Education at St Rose

Physical Education at St Rose of Lima

As a school, we use The PE Hub scheme to deliver our PE lessons. This fantastic resource has really developed the way our PE lessons are structured, ensures progression throughout the school and is fun for both the teachers and the pupils. 


Just like our Knowledge Based Curriculum, our children have knowledge organisers to support their learning. 


See our whole year map below to see what PE topic your child is currently exploring...

Skills progression in Physical Education is as important as any other subject. So how does one year compare to the next? 


Have a look at the skills progression throughout school in the document below...

Year 5 Dance Photographs

If you would like to see Year 5's dance videos, please click here to go to our video sharing platform. 


For more information about The Daily Mile, the theory behind it and more benefits, please feel free to have a look at the full presentation below...


** Sports challenges**


Birmingham’s Personal Challenge - School Games Organisers


Birmingham’s Personal Challenge is a collection of ongoing challenges linked to the School Games developed by the Birmingham School Games Organisers (SGO) and Sport Birmingham. The School Games is a National Initiative open to any young person. It forms part of the legacy work after the London 2012 Olympics and is an opportunity for young people to play, compete, and represent their school in a wide range of sports and activities.


Anyone can have a go at a challenge but you must be between 4-16 year’s old to submit results and attend a Birmingham Educational Institution. We strongly encourage parents/carers to get involved in supporting their child with their challenges too.


Here’s some tips to get you started;

  • Go to
  • The access code for our school is: shenley
  • Every child can submit multiple results per challenge (depending on the challenge) so why not try and beat you own personal best?
  • There will be prizes for individuals who finish in the top 5 for each challenge. Once a challenge has been completed, and if you are in the top 5 you will receive a virtual School Games Value Badge that was assigned for that challenge. Once school has resumed, and it is safe to do so, your SGO can award a real badge.
  • For more information please see the letter below.

A new resource for you developed by our PE specialists – it’s called PE at home.

Have a look at the range of resources posted with simple instructions to follow to enable you and your children to keep healthy and develop your fitness.




Dear Parent/Carer,

Amidst the current situation of COVID-19 and school closures, we want to support all of our pupils and parents in getting active at home. Whilst we are all in this situation it gives us the ideal opportunity for the children to get daily physical exercise, which is also proven to improve academic achievement and mental well-being.

A minimum of 60 Minutes physical activity is recommended daily, at St Rose during a school day, we would normally try to ensure every child has at least 30 of those minutes of exercise with us. It really is important. By exercise, we mean activities that increase the heart-rate or develop strength, muscular endurance or flexibility. Ideally, exercise will be a mix of some or all of these.

Whilst the weather remains lovely and if you have an outdoor space, get the children outside to run, jump, throw, catch and generally move around energetically. If this is not possible, there are lots of things that can be done indoors too.

Make it fun, use the British Heart Foundation’s video and target heart rate calculator to work out the range your child should be aiming for...

Teach them how to measure their heart rate and let them feel it. Challenge the children to get into their target zone and sustain it.


All exercise should begin with a warm-up and followed by a cool-down. If your child has any known physical issues, then please bear these in mind before and during exercise.

Listed below are some links and resources that parents and children can use to remain active. We will try to update the list and the resources as they become available, there is a huge amount of work going on with partners across the country, be we are also aware that we do not want to bombard you.


1.  Joe Wicks is very popular at this early stage. It is a 20 minute workout ideal for Parents and Children. The workout begins at 9.00am so can be the ideal start to ‘a school day’ search ‘PE with Joe’ on You tube.


2. Chance to Shine provide cricket coaching and have been in to a number of our Cluster schools. Each week, they are recommending a different activity, this week it is the ‘Cool Catcher.’

They will have a new challenge each week (this seems to be suited to EYFS/KS1)

Search @Chance2Shine on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram


3. Super Movers is made by the BBC and links Physical Activity to other curriculum areas. This is a whole site of ideas for KS1 & 2 if you want more than just one off Physical Activities


4.  Cosmic Kids Yoga are sessions themed on popular films and stories, this is ideal for indoor spaces

Search Cosmic Kids Yoga on You tube.


5. The two major organisations in the PE World are the Youth Sports Trust and Sport England. Numerous ideas, resources and videos are being added daily to Twitter

Search #stayhomestayactive on Twitter (YST)

Search #stayinworkout on Twitter (Sport England)

For excellent home learning PE cards/ideas/activities Search online


For Disney Primary School Dances Search online


For older children (Secondary Training Activities Search online)


Sending all the best to our special families,

Keep moving!