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Transition Activities

This year has been like no other for many reasons but it's also meant that you haven't had the chance to spend the day with Miss Elliott who will be your new Year 4 teacher.  During the transition day, you'd have had the chance to do many different activities so this page is dedicated to just that. 


There's a 'Coming back to School' activity that you could do ready for September, transition booklets from year 3 -4 and a Positive feet activity which will help you think about the positive steps you can make during the summer holidays to help your health and wellbeing along with preparing you for the new academic year.

Transition Activities

PSHE lessons

The lessons below are linked to current events and your well being.  Click on the image to take the lessons.


Lesson 1

Visit the 'Black Lives Matter' lesson and find out how you share what you are hopeful for.

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Lesson 2

In the second lesson in this series, learn how the tragedy of George Floyd has resulted in many changes being made.

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Lesson 3

Learn about how important team work is and why it's important to play a vital role in a team.

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