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 Welcome to our class page! 


We are really looking forward to welcoming all of the new children into our Reception class. We hope that the children will enjoy the start of their school journey here at Our Lady and St Rose of Lima, and their love of learning will continue to grow!
Reception will be working really hard this year and will have lots of fun doing so! Miss Hand and Miss Allport will keep this page updated with all the fantastic work Reception are doing and interesting activities that they are involved in. Pictures, news and any useful links to support learning at home will also be included.
Resources and links can be found at the bottom of the class page...

Enjoy! smiley


Star of the week


Each week, the star of Reception will appear on our class page. Please make sure you check regularly to find out who the star of the class is that week!


★ Our star of the week is...Blessing★ pic300

★ (Friday 28th June 2019)  

This week Blessing has been chosen as star of the week for settling in so well. She has a fantastic enthusiasm for learning and she works hard every day!

Blessing has only started our school recently, but she has made friends quickly, has beautiful manners and is a wonderful addition to our class! Well done BlessingKeep up the good work! smiley 


These children have been stars of the week in Reception so far...

Summer term 2

Blessing (28.06.19), Andrea (14.06.19), Aaliyah (07.06.19)

Summer term 1

Harvey (17.05.19), Grace KW (10.05.19), Amar (03.05.19)

Spring term 2

Ionah (05.04.19), Rico (29.03.19), Grace F (22.03.19), 

Andrea (15.03.19),Alfie (08.03.19), Sallyanne (01.03.19)

Spring term 1

Brooke (15.02.19), Cassius (08.02.19), Elishaj (01.02.19), ALL OF RECEPTION (25.01.19), Kye (18.01.19), Amelia (11.01.19)

Autumn term 2

Eros (07.12.18), Rose (30.11.18), Evelyn (23.11.18), 

Robyn (16.11.18), Tristan (09.11.18)

Autumn term 1

Ionah (19.10.18), Cheska (12.10.18), Elishaj (05.10.18), 

Whitney (28.09.18), ALL OF RECEPTION (21.09.18)


 Reception High Frequency Words

 Who has moved up the rocket and reached the moon? 



We're working really hard in Reception to learn how to read and write our high frequency words. These are words that we use all of the time when we are speaking, reading and writing and so they are very useful. The 45 words are split into 5 bands (9 words in each band).

We have reading and writing rockets on display in our classroom and the children are moved up the bands on each rocket once they know how to either read or write of the words in a band. 

Once a child knows all 45 words for reading/writing they 'land on the moon' and can choose prizes from the prize box.

Some children have already learned how to read all the Reception words and 'landed on the moon', and one child has exceeded this and learned all of the Year One words to 'land in the galaxy', and now knows how to read all of the Year two words. What a super star!


A big well done to the children below!






 Our Class Wish! 


At the start of this year, each class chose a wish that they would like to see acted out in their class. After much discussion, we decided that our class wish is 'to help each other learn and grow'.

This means that we help each other learn and grow not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of school life.

At the beginning of each half-term, a child will be chosen who we feel has shown that they have been helping to make the wish come true by their words and actions. The chosen child will win 10 house points for their house team.


Autumn Term 2

Robyn has been chosen because she is a very caring friend. She is very eager to learn new things each day at school, but also likes to encourage and support her classmates when they are finding things difficult. She often helps her friends during phonics and when writing our sound of the day.
Robyn is a very mature and helpful member of Reception, and a great role model for her peers. Well done Robyn, keep up the good work!


Spring Term 1

Elishaj has been chosen because she is fantastic role model for all of her peers. 
Elishaj is always eager to do the right thing and to help others. She will care for her friends if they are upset, but also likes to help others with their learning each day. Elishaj will often be found at the independent writing table where she will encourage her classmates and will help them with their cursive handwriting. Well done Elishaj, keep up the good work!


Summer Term 1

Andrea has been chosen because she is a very caring friend. She has such a kind heart and always wants the best for her friends. She is proud of her achievements, but is equally proud when her classmates do well also. Andrea has really settled in well to Reception and is always eager to learn and help her friends with their learning. She is often seen helping her friends with their work - she recently enjoyed teaching numbers to a group of children. Well done Andrea, keep up the good work!


Summer Term 2

Tristan has been chosen because he is a very caring friend. He is often seen helping his friends during phonics. He always plays nicely with all of his classmates and likes to look after them if they are hurt or upset.
Tristan is a joy to have in Reception and is a great role model for all of his peers.
Well done Tristan!



 Important dates for your diary... 


 Catholic Virtues 


The children are growing to be...

Grateful for their own gifts, for the gift of other people, and for the blessings of each day; and generous with their gifts, becoming men and women for others.

Attentive to their experience and to their vocation; and discerning about the choices they make and the effects of those choices.

Compassionate towards others, near and far, especially the less fortunate; and loving by their just actions and forgiving words.

Faith-filled in their beliefs and hopeful for the future.

Eloquent and truthful in what they say of themselves, the relations between people, and the world.

Learned, finding God in all things; and wise in the ways they use their learning for the common good.

Curious about everything; and active in their engagement with the world, changing what they can for the better.

Intentional in the way they live and use the resources of the earth, guided by conscience; and prophetic in the example they set to others.


The Catholic virtues we have focused on so far this year are:

Autumn 1: Compassionate and Loving

Autumn 2: Faith-filled and Hopeful

Spring 1: Eloquent and Truthful

Spring 2: Learned and Wise


Please take a look at the photos see how the children in Reception believe that we can live out our Catholic virtues.

Catholic virtues...


          Reception's prayers 


Please find pictures of our daily prayers, the Hail Mary, the Our Father and our school prayer below. These are the prayers that we will say throughout the Reception year and beyond. It would be really lovely if you could say these prayers with your child at home. We always start and end our prayers with the sign of the cross which your child will be able to demonstrate.

Our school prayers - Reception

Our school prayers - Reception 1
Our school prayers - Reception 2
Our school prayers - Reception 3
Our school prayers - Reception 4
Our school prayers - Reception 5
Our school prayers - Reception 6
Our school prayers - Reception 7

 Important information... 


 What's happening this week in Reception? 

Summer 2: Week 05 - WC: Monday 1st July


Literacy and Mathematics


Literacy (Reading and Writing) 

Writing focus groups

This week we will be looking at a new book 'Sunflower House'. We will be having a go at writing about the story.

The children will be using pictures and key words/word mats to support them with their writing.




Independent writing books

We have also been looking at the topic of growth this half-term. The children will have pirctures of planting beans in their book. The children will be having a go at writing simple sentences for each picture.


Early Learning Goals (End of Year target) for Literacy:


Children read and understand simple sentences. They use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately. They also read some common irregular words. They demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read.


Children use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. They also write some irregular common words. They write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others. Some words are spelt correctly and others are phonetically plausible.



This week in Maths we will focusing on 2D and 3D shapes.

Shape, space and measure (To be able to correctly write numbers to 20) - We will practsing as a class to perfect our number formation and then having a go independently.

Numbers (To be able to correctly order numbers to 20). - The children will use number flashcards/wooden blocks to put in the right order. What do we start with? What comes next?

Shape, space and measure (To be able to use everyday language related to distance). - Using ramps outside, the children will race cars in groups. Once the race is 'finished' children will talk about which cars are near to the ramp, which are far away. Which is the nearest/furthest away?

Language: near/nearer/nearest....far/further/furthest.



Children count reliably with numbers from one to 20, place them in order and say which number is one more or one less than a given number. Using quantities and objects, they add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer. They solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.

Shape, space and measure

Children use everyday language to talk about size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems. They recognise, create and describe patterns. They explore characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them.

Thank you for all your continued support smiley



This week in phonics we will be looking back at all digraphs and trigraphs learned so far.


Sounds learned so far:

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss, j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, 'th', ng, ai,igh, ee, or, oa, oo, 'oo', ar, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure and er.


We will also begin to explore the next phase of phonics sounds - phase 4!


Sound boxes

Please practise reading the sounds and words in your sound boxes. You will also be given sound sheets to practise reading and writing each sound. smiley


The table showing all pink sounds, yellow words and blue words

can be found at the bottom of this page.


High Frequency Words

This week we will be continuing to practise ALL high frequency words. LOTS of children have now 'landed on the moon' and are now working on the next set of words. Well done!



Given out on Thursday, bring to school on Monday!

Homework this week is....

 Please continue to read reading books, practise sound boxes, high frequency words (reading and writing) and practising writing simple sentences.
Thank you! 



 Reception - Little Big Maths 


     Amounts      Counting      Learn Its      It's Nothing New     Calculation   

Little Big Maths Powerpoint - Spring 2: Week 5


 Term: Summer 2 

 Outer space... 


This half term we are looking at all thing SPACE! We will be reading lots of space-themed story books which the children will write about in their independent writing books.
We will also be exploring the theme of space through understanding the world and expressive arts and design!


 3......2......1......BLAST OFF! 






 Term: Summer 1 

Friday 24th May 2019

 Miss Allport's getting married... 


We had a fabulous time celebrating Miss Allport's last day as a Miss in Reception!

The children enjoyed having a little tea party and giving Miss Allport her wedding card that we have been keeping a secret!


Miss Allport...we hope you have the BEST wedding yet. The wedding that no one will ever forget! heart


Please take a look at the photos below...

Friday 24th May 2019

 Healthy Living Day! 


We had a great day of mindfulness meditation and colouring, cooking healthy meals for the school council master chef competition and making our way round a super carousel of sport activities, such as the 3 legged race!


Reception enjoyed cooking/making the folowing dishes:

Starter: Tomato, mozzarella and basil salad

Main: Halloumi and salad in a wholemeal pitta

Pudding: Healthy cheesecake (layers of crushed digestive biscuit, greek yoghurt and strawberries/blueberries)


The school council judged the 3 dishes in each year group and RECEPTION were given the award for the BEST MAIN MEAL!

Well done all! yes


Please take a look at the photos below...

Monday 29th April 2019

 Easter gardens - Easter project! 


Reception were given a project to make an Easter garden over the holiday. The children made such a fantastic effort to produce the gardens and really enjoyed telling the class all about them!


Please take a look at the photos below...


 Term: Spring 2 

Friday 12th April 2019

 The Early Years Easter Egg Hunt! 


Nursery and Reception thoroughly enjoyed their Easter Egg Hunt! The children were put into their teams and given a coloured Easter egg to find. They then helped one another find the 20  Easter eggs for their team which were hidden outside! Once all the numbers had been found, the children had to put the numbers in order from 1 to 20. We then all sat together outside and each enjoyed eating lots of delicious chocolate eggs! Yum, yum!


Please take a look at the photos below...

Thursday 11th April 2019

 Stations of the cross 


Today we were learning about Good Friday in RE. We walked round the school to find the 14 pieces of art to represent the 14 stations of the cross. At each station, Miss Hand read about it. The children listened very well and were very respectful when doing so.


Please take a look at the photos below...

Monday 8th April 2019

 Reception's Palm Sunday reflection 


Well done to Reception for speaking so confidently and clearly about the story of Palm Sunday. They creatively told the story through both drama and song. At the end of the reflection, the children shared their ideas of how they can share God’s love during the last days of Lent.

As the children left the reflection, they were all given a palm cross to take home – as a reminder of the story and also Jesus’ sacrifice for us all.

These palm crosses were made by people in a poor area in Tanzania in Africa. The money used to pay for them will help to support the lives of the villagers. We at St Rose will be helping some of the poorest and most deprived communities move toward self-sufficiency and increase their access to life changing medical support, education and training.

We would like to say a big thank you to the parents who were able to come and watch the reflection. We really appreciate your support and we hope that you enjoyed it.

Well done Reception, you led the assembly beautifully. Miss Allport and I are very proud of you all!


Miss Hand and Miss Allport

I wonder….how I can share God’s love during the last days of Lent?


Monday 25th March 2019

 Very EGG-citing news... 


Today some very special visitors arrived in the Early Years! A company called the Living Eggs have delivered some eggs in a special box called in an incubator to keep them warm! In a few days they will start to hatch! If the chick is yellow, we know that it is a boy which will grow up to be a rooster...if the chick is brown, then we know it is a girl and it will grow up to be a hen! We are very excited to see how many boys and girls we will have!

Keep an eye on this page for photo updates of how our chicks are doing! The children will also have the opportunity to hold them! We can't wait!!! smiley

25.03.19 - We have 10 eggs in our incubator.
I wonder which egg will crack first...?!?!?!

Update (27.03.19): We have now have 8 chicks...4 boys and 4 girls!
Update (28.03.19): We have now have 9 chicks...5 boys and 4 girls!

Super writing about the chicks!

Friday 22nd March 2019

 Water warriors for Water Aid! 


Well done for coming in your fantastic blue superhero costumes and bringing in money to raise money for Water aid! A special mention must go to the children who made their costumes at home too!

They were SUPER...!


Please take a look at the photos below...

Monday 18th March 2019

 Goldilocks - Yummy porridge! 


We have been exploring the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week. We decided that it would be a good idea to make some porridge and taste it too. The children then wrote some fantastic instructions for how to make porridge. Well done Reception!

Friday 15th March 2019

 Cafod - Healthy fast day... 


Today 7 children in Reception agreed to take part in the healthy fast day, where for the whole day at school, they will only eat soup. The children were allowed to wear their own clothes as a reward for making this sacrifice. Well done to Rico, Tristan, Tommie, Alfie, Robyn, Andrea and Grace KW.

Healthy fast day - soup!

Friday 8th March 2019

 World Book Day! 


Lots of fun was had by all the children and staff! The children came in some brilliant costumes...but the theme this year was story book hats! Thank you for all the effort you put into making your fantastic hats. These included Little Red Riding Hood, Willy Wonka and Mary Poppins themed hats. We joined in the fun too as Alice in Wonderland and The Rainbow Fish!


Congratulations to Grace F (Rapunzel) and Evelyn (Alice in Wonderland) who were chosen as the winners for the best hats in Reception. They were both wonderful home made hats. smiley 
The girls were both given certificates and prizes! no

Please take a look at the photos below...


Wednesday 6th March 2019

 Ash Wednesday 


Today we went to church for the special Ash Wednesday Mass.

The Lent journey begins on Ash Wednesday when we receive ashes on our foreheads. They are a sign of forgiveness and the ashes are made by burning last year's palm crosses (Palm Sunday).

The Reception children behaved in a sensitive and respectful manner when they each went to receive ashes on their foreheads.


 "All are from the dust, and to dust all return." - Ecclesiastes 3:20 

Tuesday 5th March 2019

 Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day... 


The children enjoyed making yummy pancakes with Miss Allport, Mrs. Barnett and Mrs. Deocades.

Please use the link below to find the recipe that we used!


Please take a look at the photos below...



Monday 4th March 2019



We have been learning all about the season of Lent. We have talked about how it is the 40 days before Easter, it is a time when we focus on saying sorry to God for things we may have done to hurt Him or others, but that God forgives us.
We used a fizzy tablet and dissolved it in water to represent God’s forgiveness.
We also created a purple Lent banner to remind us of this important season in the Church year.
As a class we said a prayer for Lent, we said the prayer of sorrow and we also thought about how we can give during this time of Lent – being kind to others, helping others when they are sad.



Lent banner...

Lent banner... 1

Thursday 28th February 2019

 The Good Shepherd assembly... 

Today we had a special assembly with a lady from the Good Shepherd Appeal.

She told us all about how we can raise money for the charity and how our money can help those in need.


  • Family Support Service – working with schools to help vulnerable children and their families in Banbury, Birmingham, Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent;
  • Hope Family Project – seeking out and supporting vulnerable families and the wider community in Heath Town, Wolverhampton;
  • Brushstrokes – working with destitute and homeless people in Smethwick;
  • New Routes fostering service – finding loving and supportive foster families for children in care;
  • Adult care services – providing a range of care services to disabled people and those with complex needs or learning disabilities, and to older people and people with dementia;
  • Origins Service – helping people whose lives were touched by adoption through the society to trace their families;
  • Parish Projects – supporting communities to develop their own projects that meet the needs of local people.


The lady told us how we can help by raising money in Our Good Shepherd appeal boxes. The children have all been given a box to take home which they can fill with money to help the charity.


 "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." - Galatians 6:2 


The Good Shepherd Appeal...

The Good Shepherd Appeal... 1
The Good Shepherd Appeal... 2
The Good Shepherd Appeal... 3

 Term: Spring 1 

Tuesday 12th February 2019

 CAFOD Assembly - Lent... 


Today we had an assembly all about Lent. We have been asked to take part in the 'give it up challenge', where we are going to give something up during Lent and at the same time, raise money to buy something such as a fruit tree or a pond to help families in need.


Take a look at the photos below....



Cafod assembly

Cafod assembly 1
Cafod assembly 2
Cafod assembly 3

Thursday 7th February 2019

 The Big Catch of Fish! 


In RE we have been learning about stories in the Bible where Jesus cares for and helps people. Today we learned about 'the big catch of fish', where Jesus helps the disciples catch lots of fish after they had fished all night, but not caught anything. We read the story from the Bible and then had a go at singing a new song all about the story. The children enjoyed writing about the story and making a large collage too


A video of Reception singing the song will be uploaded soon!


 Peter and James and John in a sailboat song


Peter and James and John in a sailboat x3

Out on the beautiful sea...

They fished all night, but they caught nothing x3

Out on the beautiful sea...

Along came Jesus walking on the seashore x3

Out on the beautiful sea...

He said throw your nets over on the other side x3

Out on the beautiful sea...

The nets were filled with GREAT BIG FISHES x3

Out on the beautiful sea...

So, the lesson of the story is listen to the Lord x3

Wherever you may be!

Wednesday 6th February 2019

 Supertato has arrived in Reception... 


This week and next week we are reading the story 'Supertato' in our Literacy lessons, we will be sequencing the story, writing about the story and writing shopping lists. Supertato and his vegetable friends have joined us in out for those evil peas!!!

                   the rescue!

Wednesday 6th February 2019

 Chinese New Year 


Today we learned all about Chinese New Year. The children had a fantastic time making their very own Chinese lanterns. Some children even had a go at Chinese writing too....



Tuesday 5th February 2019

            E-safety day 


Today we had a fantastic assembly led by the digital leaders and the school council. They talked to us all about the importance of staying safe online. These are some of the things that we have learned:


  • You should always ask a grown up before you go on the internet.
  • Anyone can add things to the internet and not everything is suitable for children.
  • Grown-ups can help you use the internet safely and find websites that are appropriate.
  • Always tell a grown-up if you see something that you do not like.  

E-safety day...

Tuesday 29th January 2019


 Laudato Si' Workshop 


Today we had a very special visitor who came to speak to us about the charity CAFOD (The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development). He came to talk about why looking after our world is SO important. The children listened, answered questions and joined in really well. Well done Reception!

We only have ONE Earth, we need to look after it and do what God wants us to do with it. 

The Pope wrote a book for the world about looking after the world and caring for our common home.

The Earth is God's gift to us, but it has never been so hurt or mistreated. Things such as pollution and climate change are affecting us all, but we can change this and make a new start.

We want to see beauty, not destruction. We want to love the world and live in harmony with our neighbours. There are so many things that we can do to start to make a change...even small things like, saving water, recycling and living more simply.

Let's try and think about how we can be more sensible and look after God's wonderful creation!










The world can't wait - play your part to care for our common home.


Take a look at the photos below...

CAFOD workshop...

Thursday 24th January 2019

  Our school trip! 

 The Snowman at the Birmingham REP 


We had a wonderful time seeing The Snowman on stage at the Birmingham REP. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were engaged the whole way through. The acting, stage set and music were fantastic. The children particularly enjoyed when the Snowman was flying and when the snow fell from the ceiling at the end of the performance. The children behaved brilliantly and were a real credit to our school. Miss Hand and Miss Allport are immensely proud of all the children and we very much look forward to the next trip...smiley



Take a look at the photos below...

Thursday 17th January 2019

 Vocations week 


We have been thinking about our vocations and what God is calling us to be. We have thought about how we can be generous with our God-given gifts, using them wisely and attentively, to help others and to show them God’s love.


We have thought about our call to work and also what kind of person we think God is calling us to be.




Take a look at the photos below...

Vocations week - I think God is calling me to be...

Wednesday 16th January 2019

 Mass - bidding prayers 


It was Reception's turn to say the bidding prayers in Mass. Some of the children were recorded saying the prayers and they were then played during Mass.

The children spoke eloquently and confidently. Well done Reception!


Mass - Bidding prayers 16.01.19 (Reception)

Mass - Bidding prayers 16.01.19 (Reception) 1
Mass - Bidding prayers 16.01.19 (Reception) 2
Mass - Bidding prayers 16.01.19 (Reception) 3
Mass - Bidding prayers 16.01.19 (Reception) 4
Mass - Bidding prayers 16.01.19 (Reception) 5
Mass - Bidding prayers 16.01.19 (Reception) 6
Mass - Bidding prayers 16.01.19 (Reception) 7

Tuesday 15th January 2019

 Learning about the sacrament of Baptism in RE... 


We have been learning all about the sacrament of Baptism in RE. When we are baptised, we become part of God's family and we are given a special name. We discussed what happens during a Baptism service, we wrote sentences and we also took part in Baptism role play.




Take a look at the photos below...

Baptism role play...

Tuesday 8th January

 Happy New Year! 


We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and we are really looking forward to welcoming you back this January. Happy New Year! We hope you have a fantastic 2019!

God has the most amazing plans for you...


 "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord,

"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". 




 Term: Autumn 2 

Friday 20th December

 Merry Christmas

Miss Hand and Miss Allport wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We hope that you all have a lovely, relaxing time and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2019! Enjoy! smiley



Friday 20th December

 Advent charity days 


During each Friday of Advent, the children have raised money for or donated to a different charity. We have helped the following charities during this season of Advent:


Advent Charity Day 1: Bags for Brummies Appeal (own clothes day)

Advent Charity Day 2: £1 donation for own clothes with all money going to the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Homeless Appeal

Advent Charity Day 3: Christmas Jumper Day - £1 donation for Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital

Advent Charity Day 4 :£1 donation for own clothes with all money going to Cafod World Gifts


Before the Cafod charity day, we decided as a class that we would bring enough money in to buy 'the goat that gives'. Please see the information below to see how this will hope those in need.




The children were also very generous and packed and brought in 'bags for brummies' which help to provide for homeless people in our city.


Please see the photos below...

Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th December


 The EYFS and Year 1 Nativity 

 18th and 19th December 2019 


We all really enjoyed learning about the Christmas story and retelling it in our Nativity through singing, dancing and acting. We had a fantastic time practising and then performing it for the whole school, our friends and our families. The children all worked so hard to make it a great success. Well done to everyone for your amazing singing, to Nursery for your fantastic dancing, to Reception for acting out the story so beautifully and to Year One for speaking so well.

Learning the story has really helped us during this special time of Advent, to prepare for the coming of Christ. Thank you to all the parents and carers for supporting us. We hope you enjoyed our Nativity just as much as we did…until next year! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Miss Hand and Miss Allport smiley


Take a look at the photos below...

Friday 14th December

                      The Christmas Enterprise! 


The children really enjoyed making clay candle holders, Christmas wreath

decorations and Christmas pudding chocolate rice crispie cakes. We then sold them at the Christmas Enterprise. The children were so excited to sell what they had made - thank you to all of those who were so generous.


   "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." 


Take a look at the photos below...

The Christmas Enterprise - Reception's goodies

Friday 14th December

 Christmas jumper day 


Thank you to all the children for being so generous by bringing in £1 to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital. We had a great day in our Christmas jumpers!


Take a look at the photos below...



Thursday 13th December

 Christmas lunch... 


What a yummy lunch cooked by Douglas and his team. Thank you so much for cooking such a wonderful lunch for both the children and staff, we all thoroughly enjoyed it!
We thank God for providing us with the food that we eat.


Thank you God for the food that we eat. 

Thank you for the world so sweet.

Thank you for the birds that sing.

Thank you God for everything.


Take a look at the photos below...

Our yummy Christmas lunch...

 Forest School 

 Autumn 2 


What a wonderful time we have had in forest school once again. We have enjoyed exploring the outdoors and learning about God's wonderful creation.


Take a look at the photos below...

 Oral storytelling 

 Autumn 2


This half-term we have been learning the story, Little Red Riding Hood. We have read the story, made a story map, used actions and acted the story out to try and learn it all off by heart. Well done Reception - you've worked so hard!

Take a look at the photos below...



Tuesday 11th December

 Advent retreat day 


We were lucky enough to have a whole-school retreat day led by Dan and Emily from One Life Music. We joined in collective worship, reflection and prayer. We focused on the special season of Advent and how we can prepare and get our hearts ready for the coming of Christ on Christmas Day.

The children enjoyed the whole-school reflections, decorating their Advent candles and making Advent promises, but they especially enjoyed learning a number of new songs which they have continued to sing in class as they learn and play. 


Take a look at the photos below...



Tuesday 20th November

 The Stringcredibles (The Stringblingz)  




We were extremely fortunate to welcome four pupils from a nearby secondary school to lead an assembly all about the ‘magic’ of music. They have each been playing string instruments since they were in Year 2 and are now playing at a very high standard. This was great for the children to see and was something for the children to aspire to.


The pupils had formed a string quartet called ‘The Stringblingz’ and have recently been trained by ‘The Stringcredibles’ (a professional string quartet in Birmingham). They talked about what ingredients you need to create the magic of music, such as, tempo, the baseline, teamwork, melody and harmony. They demonstrated this through playing a number of well-known songs, which the children thought was fantastic. They involved both the children and teachers in a number of games and even asked a child to conduct their quartet.


Both staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and The Stringcredibles commented on the children’s enthusiasm and involvement during the assembly. We hope that the Stringcredibles' visit will help to foster the children's love of music and inspire them to nurture their God-given gifts. We would love to have them back in the future!


Take a look at the photos below...

Friday 16th November

            Children in Need 


This year the children were asked to make ears to raise money for Children in Need. They could be as crazy, colourful and creative as you wished. We had a special assembly and each class took it in turns to brave the cat walk. The children showed off their ears that they had made and the charity committee chose a winner from each class.


                            Well done to Amelia who won the prize for best ears!

                    Take a look at the photos below...

Children in need - Get your ears on for Pudsey...

November 2018

 The book fair 


The children were lucky enough to browse the book fair in their house teams before being able to purchase the books after school. They each chose their favourite book...smiley


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The book fair...

November 2018

 Diwali - Rangoli patterns and diva lamps 


We have been learning all about Diwali, the Hindu 'festival of lights'.

The children enjoyed making clay diva lamps which they then painted

and working in their house teams to create large chalk rangoli patterns

in the outdoor area. We think they look great!


Take a look at the photos below...

Monday 12th November

 Remembrance Day

 Prayer and reflection assembly 


Year 6 led a whole-school prayer and reflection assembly and told us all about both The Second World War and "The Great War", as it has been 100 years since the first World War ended.

We had a 2 minute silence to remember all those who have fought so bravely or died to keep us safe.


Reception did so well and really were a credit to the school. They were respectful when they took time to reflect during the 2 minute silence.

Thank you to Year 6 for leading the assembly so beautifully.


 The Nativity 


Please check your child's bookbag for a letter about the Nativity.

The school’s Christmas KS1 and Early Years Nativity, for Nursery, Reception and Year One will take place on Tuesday 18th December and Wednesday 19th December 2018 in the school hall.

You can choose either 2 tickets for one performance, or 1 for Tuesday’s performance and 1 for Wednesday’s performance.


The performances are at the following times:

Tuesday 18th December – 9.30am

Wednesday 19th December – 1.30pm


Tickets will be available to get after school on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th December (next week).


It would be greatly appreciated if costumes could be found and sourced from home for the performance. ALL costumes will need to be brought in on Tuesday 11th December (a week before the first performance), so that we have all of them ready for the dress rehearsals and final shows. If you can start looking to see what you can find and source for your child to wear, this will really help to add to the performance.

If you are unable to provide a costume, please could you return the slip on the letter NO LATER than Monday 10th December so that we have enough time to find them something to wear.


Thank you for your continued support smiley


November 2018

 Remembrance Day - poppy art 


We have been learning about Remembrance Day and the significance of a poppy. We made a class poppy collage and we individually made poppy pictures using paint and apples to print. We think that the pictures look fantastic and are really effective.


Take a look at the photos below...



Poppy art...

November 2018

                         Bonfire Night 


The children enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night and creating

firework pictures. We used splodges of paint and forks to spread

the paint. Messy...but LOTS of fun!


             Take a look at the pictures below...



Firework paintings...


 Term: Autumn 1 

 Forest School 

 Autumn 1 


What a wonderful time we have had in forest school this half-term. We have enjoyed exploring the outdoors and learning about God's wonderful creation.


Take a look at the photos below...

 Oral storytelling 

 Autumn 1 


This half-term we have been learning the story, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have read the story, made a story map, used actions and sung a song to try and learn it all off by heart. Well done Reception - you've worked so hard!

Take a look at the photos below...



Friday 26th October

 Wear red for The Royal British Legion 


The children were asked to wear red and bring in £1 to raise money for The Royal British Legion. They all made a fantastic effort and were so very generous to donate money to such a worthy cause.


Take a look at the photos below...



October 2018

 We know that God made us all special... 


In RE we have been learning all about Creation. We know that God made the world and that God made each an every one of us. We thought about our God-given gifts and what makes us special and unique. We enjoyed making this craft.

Take a look at the photos below...


 Thank God for making the world and thank you God for making me, me! 



Thank you God for making the world, and thank you God for making me, me...

October 2018

 Our Creation Nature Walk 


The children took it in turns to take photos of the

wonderful things that God has made.

We then created a collage. smiley


Take a look at the photos below...

September 2018

 Our self-portraits 


The children really enjoyed looking in a mirror and painting their 

self-portraits. They talked about their features and the similarities

and differences between us all.


 God made you unique. You are one of a kind. 


                      Take a look at the pictures below...

Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits

Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 1
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 2
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 3
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 4
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 5
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 6
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 7
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 8
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 9
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 10
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 11
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 12
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 13
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 14
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 15
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 16
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 17
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 18
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 19
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 20
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 21
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 22
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 23
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 24
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 25
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 26
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 27
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 28
Autumn 1 - Our self-portraits 29

September 2018

 Settling in... 


The children have all settled in really well and we are really looking forward to an exciting year ahead!


Take a look at the photos below...



 Reception resources... 


 Phase 2 and 3 

                                                Phase 2                                                                                                Phase 3

 Reception High Frequency Words 

 Year One High Frequency Words 


 Sounds and words 

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