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 Time to start blogging Reception! 


Mr. Ingram has very kindly set us up with a Reception blog which we can start using straight away.  This will be a great way of communicating between each other and seeing what we're doing whilst we're away from school.  The blog is very easy to use and I've uploaded the instructions below in a word document  to help you access the blog and upload new posts.  


Our blog is accessed via the BGFL365 website so, in order for you to be able to use it, you'll need your BGFL login which was given to you last week in school.  Simply follow the instructions below and start blogging.


I will be checking the blog for any new posts so that these can be published and I am very much looking forward to keeping in touch with you all.


If you have an older brother or sister in school, perhaps they can help you! yes


Happy Blogging! Miss Hand  smiley


Note to parents: If you do not have your child's login details, please email and we will endeavour to deal with your request within an appropriate timeframe. Thank you!

To access BGFL 365 please click on the picture link to the right -------->

How do post on your class blog - Reception

 Reception class blog challenges 

Hi Reception. It has been great to hear from a few of you on the class blog already. Well done to Jacob, ReubenIsabella, Siah and Emmanuel who have posted messages and pictures to tell me all about what they have been up to at home. I have really enjoyed reading all your messages and I can't wait to hear more!
I thought I could set a little challenge each week for the class blog. Please continue to add other photos and messages about what you have been up to, not just the challenge. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Mrs. Barnett and I miss you all very much! 


04.04.20 - Class blog challenge 2 

We are living through history right now. Why not have a go at making a time capsule that you can look back on in years to come. You could either complete the booklet (found below) or make your own version. Take a look at the ideas below.

1. Time capsule booklet

2. Time capsule ideas

- Write a letter to yourself. Write your age, who your friends are, your favourite TV show, song book etc.

- Write about what is going on (in your child's own words).

- Tell your future self how you feel right now.

- Talk about what you would like to be when you grow up.

- Write about 5 things you want to do when you are an adult.

- If it's safe to get a newspaper, get one and let your child cut out articles that they think would be important for their future self (or print them online).

- Draw a picture of your family (right now).

- Take some pictures of today - print them out and include them in your capsule.

- Put it all together in a scrapbook or a lunch box and stick it somewhere you will not look at for years to come.


Post your pictures and messages on the class blog. I can't wait to see them. Miss Hand  smiley


31.03.20 - Class blog challenge 1 

This week's challenge...

1. We have been reading the story The Little Red Hen at school 

(You may have the book at home. If not, take a look at the website links below).

2. I wonder if you can read the story, draw a picture and have a go at writing about it? Try writing at least one sentence. Remember that we always use our phonic sound mats to help us and you can use the story mat (below) to help with key words.

3. Example sentences...

The red hen said, will you help me plant the seed? Not I said the dog. Not I said the cat. Not I said the duck. I will do it said the red hen.

The red hen said, will you help me eat the bread? I will said the dog. I will said the cat. I will said the duck. No said the red hen. I will.


I have put the high frequency words in bold so that you can see how important it is to learn to read and write these words. smiley


Post your pictures on the class blog. I can't wait to see them. Miss Hand smiley