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Reception - Important information

 Important information... 


 Daily Essentials 


In order for your child to be able to fully access the curriculum and to enable us to read with them, please could you ensure your child has the following with them each day:


  • Book bag
  • Reading book and diary
  • Pencil case with essential items
  • Knowledge Organiser Folder


Please be reminded that a £5 deposit is required for the pencil case and Knowledge Organiser folder and this should be paid into the office.  Thank you. smiley




Reception 2019-20


Important information

Class page


The Reception class page on our school website is a fantastic resource for both you and your child. On the page you will be able to see what we are learning at school, photo updates and find a number of useful links to support your child’s learning at home You will also find any important information and key dates. Please visit our school website by typing in the following: To access the Reception class page, click on the ‘Life of the School’ tab on the left hand side and scroll down to ‘Class Pages’. This button will then take you to a page where you can select Reception.

Magic moments

If you would like to share a 'magic moment' which has happened outside of school time, please fill in a slip and send it back into school. We can share this with your child's classmates and it will be added as evidence to your child's Early Learning Goal journal.

Reading books

Your child will be given a reading book which will be linked to sounds learned in phonics. Please try to read this with your child every day. Once read, please sign the reading diary so that the reading book can be changed. Books will be changed on a weekly basis, providing the reading diary has been signed. If the reading diary has not been signed we will not be able to change the reading book.

Sound boxes

Your child will be given a sound box which will contain sounds to learn, and words which contain the sounds. Please try to practise these on a daily basis - even just for 5 minutes. Each week your child will be given new sounds and words to learn. At the beginning of the year your child will be 'sounding out' words, e.g. c-a-t ----> cat, but the aim is that your child will be able to read these words fluently without having to 'sound them out'.

High Frequency words

These are 45 words to learn to read and write by the end of Reception. They are called high frequency words, because we use them so often when we speak, read and write. Your child will be able to move up the word bands on our 'reading rocket' and ‘spelling rocket’. Once all of the words have been learned, your child will 'land on the moon' and can choose a prize from the prize box! They will then be given additional words to learn... Many of the high frequency words are 'tricky' words which you cannot 'sound out'. They are 'sight' words which your child will learn to read.


Homework will be given out throughout the year. At the beginning of the year homework will consist of reading books, practising phonic sound letter formation, sound boxes and high frequency words.

Later in the year the children will have homework linked to what we are learning. There may also be small projects set for holidays linked to the new topics in the following term.

Knowledge organiser folder

and pencil case

Your child will be given a knowledge organiser folder and pencil case. These are to be taken home and brought into school every day. The folder will contain knowledge organisers for each area of learning. This will give an overview of what we are learning in school each half-term. Please use these folders as a resource to talk to your children about what they are/will be learning - this will help them greatly.

Prayer bag

Your child will receive this once during their time in Reception. Please try to think of a prayer together at home and record it in the prayer book. We ask that you try to think of something to thank God for and let your child contribute by drawing a picture/writing.

Everywhere bear bag

Your child will receive this once during their time in Reception. This is an opportunity for your child to take the Everywhere bear home and record what they have done at the weekend with the bear! Photos and a little note to update us will be great way for your child to share their news with their classmates.

PE bags

Once brought in, your child's PE bag will stay in school until the end of the half-term. They can then be taken home to be washed, before being brought back in for the next half-term.


Your child is provided with milk/water and fruit in the morning at school. In the afternoon, they are provided with water and a biscuit. If you would like your child to have a carton of juice (apple/orange) or milk in the afternoon, then this will cost £1.50 a week.


A reminder that if your child is bringing a packed lunch to school, there must not be any food items containing nuts. There are several children in the school with nut allergies.


If you think your child may have an accident, please pack a bag of spare clothes.