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Reception have been working really hard this term and have had lots of fun doing so! Miss Hand will keep this page updated with all the fantastic work Reception are doing and interesting activities that they are involved in. Pictures, news and any useful links to support learning at home will also be included. Enjoy! 



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Handwriting practice

The first 50 high frequency words to learn to read and spell!

The first 50 high frequency words to learn to read and spell! 1

 Summer Term 2 


✩ Star of the Week 



This week Antonia was chosen as star of the week for her fantastic retell of the story Meg and Mog! Well done Antonia! Keep up the good work! smiley



Friday 10th June

Meg and Mog!


In Literacy this week we have been reading the story Meg and Mog!


On Monday, the children walked into the classroom to find a cauldron, a tall hat, lots of colourful potions and lots of different ingredients! They were very excited!


The children have thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the potion shop role play area, learning the story, retelling the story using story maps and writing sentences about the story.

Take a look at some pictures below to see how much fun we have had!


 Summer Term 1 

Summer Term 1 - Spade 2 Fork study map (Reception)

Congratulations Reception!


Well done for working so hard this half term! Miss Allport and I are very proud of you! We hope that you have a super break and we look forward to seeing you on the first day back! smiley


Miss Hand and Miss Allport


 ✩ Star of the Week 



This week Luke was chosen as star of the week for his hard work and enthusiasm when preparing for our class reflection all about St. George's Day! Well done Luke! Keep up the good work! smiley



This week Leilah was chosen as star of the week for her enthusiasm when completing our daily writing challenges. Well done Leilah! Keep up the good work! smiley



This week Corran was chosen as star of the week for being such a helpful member of our class. Well done Corran! Keep up the good work! smiley


no Leilah was also given a special certificate for her fantastic writing again! Leilah independently wrote 9 sentences! What a superstar!



This week Alicja was chosen as star of the week for her improvement in her writing and her hard work in Maths this week. Well done Alicja! Keep up the good work! smiley



This week Jamie was chosen as star of the week for working hard with his letter formation and handwriting - a fantastic improvement! Well done! Keep up the good work! smiley



This week Katie was chosen as star of the week for always using good manners and for being a fantastic role model for the class. Well done Katie! Keep up the good work! smiley


Friday 27th May



Take a look at our fantastic beans that we've been growing! smiley


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Fun at the farm - 13.05.16

Fun at the farm - 13.05.16 1

Thursday 12th May

 Homework - The trip to the farm 


For homework this week, please could the children draw a picture of their visit to the farm and write a bit about what they did and what they enjoyed. Thank you for reading this and we really look forward to sharing what the children bring in on Monday! smiley


Miss Hand and Miss Allport



Monday 9th May

Jack and the Beanstalk!


We are currently focusing on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in Reception and we thought it would be a good idea to grow our very own beanstalks!

The children have planted a bean each and are watering them each day!

Fingers crossed they grow as tall as Jack's beanstalk... no


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Monday 18th April



Today some very special visitors arrived in the Early Years! A company called the Living Eggs have delivered some eggs in a special box called in an incubator to keep them warm! In a few days they will start to hatch! If the chick is yellow, we know that it is a boy which will grow up to be a rooster...if the chick is brown, then we know it is a girl and it will grow up to be a hen! We are very excited to see how many boys and girls we will have!

Keep an eye on this page for photo updates of how our chicks are doing! The children will also have the opportunity to hold them! We can't wait!!! smiley


Monday 18th April

Reception's class reflection - St. George's Day!


On 18th March Reception had their St. George's Day reflection. The children spoke about how St. George's Day is celebrated, told the story of St. George and the dragon and spoke about the life of the real St. George. We were able to show everyone the fantastic shields and dragon we had made too.

The children did really well and should be so, so proud of themselves! Well done Reception!


Please watch the PowerPoint below to learn all about St. George's Day...



St. George's Day reflection - PowerPoint

The Story of St. George and the Dragon!

Still image for this video
The children acted out and narrated the story of St. George and the Dragon!

Preparing for the class reflection!

Still image for this video
A slideshow of pictures showing the children preparing for the class reflection! They enjoyed making shields a dragon an English flag!
Song - When a Knight won his spurs!

The real St. George!

Still image for this video
The children made a video all about the real St. George!

Monday 11th April

Easter Gardens - Easter Project!


Reception were given a project to make an Easter garden over the holiday. The children made such a fantastic effort to produce the gardens and really enjoyed telling the class all about them!


 Spring Term 2 


 ✩ Star of the Week 



This week Alex was chosen as star of the week for his fantastic writing about the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Well done Alex! Keep up the good work! smiley



This week Berachah was chosen as star of the week for her continued enthusiasm for learning and her improvement in phonics. Well done Berachah! Keep up the good work! smiley



This week Avin was chosen as star of the week for her improvement in phonics and her letter formation. Well done Avin! Keep up the good work! smiley




Thursday 24th March

Easter Bonnet Parade!


Well done to all of the children in Reception who made Easter bonnets for the parade! They all looked absolutely fantastic and you could see how much effort had been put in to make them!

The school council had the difficult job of choosing a winner and 2 runners up from each class...

In Reception the children that were chosen are:


no Winner: Maisey

no Runner up: Yna

no Runner up: Jonathan


Look at our egg-cellent Easter bonnets!


Wednesday 23rd March

Healthy Eating (teddy bear) Workshop!


Today Nursery and Reception enjoyed taking part in a healthy eating workshop with medical students from The University of Birmingham. The children were split into four groups and they made their way round the different activities set up for them. The children learned all about how to look after our bodies and how to keep healthy! They talked about foods that are healthy/unhealthy and sorted different food items onto the correct plate! They also learned all about how important it is to brush your teeth regularly - the children then practised brushing their teddies teeth. The students brought along a very special teddy bear so that the children were able to look inside his body to see all the different organs. The children learned about what our different organs do and they each had a go at being a doctor!


Lots of fun was had by all the children and we would like to say a big thank you to all the students that came to teach us all about being healthy!  smiley



Tuesday 22nd March

The Early Years Easter Egg Hunt!


Nursery and Reception thoroughly enjoyed their Easter Egg Hunt! The children helped one another find the 100 different coloured Easter eggs which were hidden outside! After they had all been found, we all sat together outside and each enjoyed eating a delicious chocolate Easter egg! Yum yum! 



Friday 18th March

Sport Relief!


Reception really enjoyed taking part in a shuttle race for Sport Relief - they scored points for each lap that they ran! Here are some photos of the race and each of our house teams - St. Mary,

St. Gregory the Great, St. Sebastian and St. Thomas Aquinas!



Thursday 10th March

Robot Day!


Reception had a very special Robot called Nao come to visit them! He could walk, talk and flip over! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves watching all the amazing things he could do! Each child had the opportunity to hold him – he was very heavy!!! We do hope he comes to visit us again very soon!



6th March



Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely mummies! In Reception we have made tulip hand print cards and painted pictures of our mummies!



Friday 4th March

World Book Day!


Lots of fun was had by all the children and staff! The children made a fantastic effort to dress as their favourite book characters. These included Rapunzel, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Horrid Henry, as well as princesses and superheroes! We joined in the fun too as Mary Poppins and Little Red Riding Hood!


Congratulations to Avin who was chosen as the winner for the best costume in Reception by the school council. She was dressed as Cleopatra! Avin was given a certificate and a £5 voucher to spend on a book of her choice!



Thursday 3rd March

Inspire Workshop!


Thank you so much to all the parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles who attended the workshop. We really hope that you found it useful and that you enjoyed joining in with the children and exploring the different types of Literacy and Maths activities that we use in Reception.



Friday 26th February

Bring your wheels to school day!


Our topic this half term is ‘How we travel’ and so the children were asked to bring in some wheels from home. We used these to help us develop our counting and problem-solving skills. We also had lots of fun pushing prams and riding our bikes, scooters and tricycles. 


Look at all the fun we had!