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Reflections and Meditations

Dan and Emily's Weekly Worship

Each Friday, Dan and Emily invite you to join them in their weekly worship.  Click on the link below to take you to the page on our website.

Guided Meditations

Take some time to relax, be quiet and listen to the guided meditation that I have recommended for you.

Breathing Exercise (12 minutes)

Take the time out today to focus on your breathing by following this guided meditation. By slowing down and focusing on your breathing, you'll be able to calm down and think about you and what makes you happy.  Click on the picture or here to listen to the meditation.

Gratitude Tree (12 minutes long)

Sit down, relax, breathe deeply and think about what you're thankful for.

Click on the picture of here to listen to the meditation.

Worry book

Some of you may be worried about the Coronavirus and this is perfectly understandable.  We've all had worries at some point but it is important to share them with someone rather than keep them to yourself.  There is a lovely book called 'Everybody Worries' which has been produced for this exact reason so click the link below or the picture to have a read.  I hope it helps.

CAFOD Weekly Liturgy 

After joining Father Gary at mass or, if you weren't able to do this, why don't you take some time to read the CAFOD weekly Liturgy and complete the activity they have recommended that links with the Gospel reading.

Breathing Exercises

Use these cards to do the different breathing exercises.  They will help you focus and calm down.