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Welcome to Year 3's Remote Learning Page


Due to circumstances, some of you are going to be learning from home for a few weeks. We are going to miss seeing you in school but we need you to keep trying your very best at home. Each day I shall put up the remote learning tasks for the day so please check back everyday to complete the tasks. Once tasks have been completed, please upload to the blog or to J2files. This is a great way for me to assess your work, give you feedback and also award housepoints! J2 files is a good way for you to create you work on BGFL and to upload to your BGFl J2Files so I can assess. If you need help in uploading to your files please see the link below...

Everytime you come on here, you need to go to BGFL Microsoft forms to register yourself in from home so we know everyone is working. THANK YOU!

Please find the link to the weeks and daily tasks below. 

Also scroll down to find out about housepoints and prizes for when you work at home! 


Class dojo housepoints!

While you are working at home, I still want you to earn all of the housepoints that you deserve! I shall be rewarding housepoints everyday and shall be putting up a leaderboard of who got awarded housepoints that day and who is in the Top 5! 

On a Friday, I shall put the names of the children who have received housepoints for that week into a raffle and then the one person chosen shall receive a prize when they come back to school! I shall make a note on this page of the winners and when we are back in school you can receive your prize! (This is like the star jar but from home) 

Those children working at school too, you shall also be involved with this! 


You can receive housepoints by:

  • Registering each day to let me know you are home learning
  • Uploading to the blog
  • Uploading to BGFL J2Files
  • Creating excellent work that really impresses me


This is all good practice for when you come back to school. We want to make sure you are still learning from home and being the best you can be so why not have some housepoints involved too!


Children needing prizes when they return to school...

  • Tara (week 1 prize draw)
  • Ellysha (week 1 - reaching her next hundred)
  • Jaya (birthday gift)
  • James (week 2 prize draw)
  • Tara (week 2 - reaching her next hundred)
  • James (week 2 - reaching his next hundred)

Spring 1 Homework Grid

Spring Term 1 Study Plan