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Spade to Fork Spring 2 2022

Spade to Fork Lesson 2



Today the children made cakes in their session which we will sale at the bake sale tomorrow to raise money for the people in Ukraine. The Year One children worked as a team in their groups to make the mixture, cook the batter and then decorate it using icing. Each group contributed to the cake in a different way by making, baking or decorating and we are so proud of them that they have used their session for a very good cause. See photos of the Year One children working hard in their Spade to Fork session below.

Spade to Fork Lesson 1


Today the children went outside for their first session and planted onions and potatoes. They spoke about the vegetables and what they used them for and in what dishes. The children were then shown how to sow and plant the seeds both in pots and in the ground. The children then planted different seeds both in pots and straight into the ground in the vegetable patch. They then watered them and ensured they were planted properly and will continue to monitor them and look after them the next few weeks. They had a fantastic first lesson and their behaviour was exemplary! Well done Year One.  See photos of the Year One children working hard in their Spade to Fork session below.

Spade to Fork

Spring 2 2022



Something new and exciting is going to be happening for Year One! Every Wednesday in Spring 2 Term, from 2nd March to 6th April 2022  Year 1 will participate in Spade2Fork as part of their enrichment timetable. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to take part in outdoor learning and to learn about planting and growing and caring for God's world.


 This will involve being outside and working in whatever weathers so the children need to be dressed appropriately for the environment they will be working in and the changing weather conditions. Please ensure your child comes to school every Wednesday this half term dressed and equipped for SPADE2FORK.


Therefore, each Wednesday in Autumn 1 Term your child should come to school NOT wearing their school uniform. The children need to come  to school wearing old, warm clothes that you do not mind your child getting dirty i.e. old warm waterproof coat, old pair of tracky bottoms, warm jumper/sweatshirt, woolly hat, gloves, scarf.


Please also ensure your child comes to school with: a labelled plastic carrier bag with a pair of wellingtons and warm long socks – these can be left in school throughout the term if you would prefer.


Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Spade to Fork Parent Letter