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Star of the Week

Every Friday, a new 'Star of the Week' will be chosen from the class so check back each week to see who our shining star is and the reasons why they've been chosen!

Friday 8th October 2021

Our star of the week this week is... Kanika!


There are some children who just give everything to every lesson, every day and who never need to be reminded about things... Kanika is one of those people.  She has a fantastic attitude towards her own learning and always has a vested interest in helping other people.  She has a brilliant personality, an infectious laugh and a warm, welcoming smile so this makes her a very popular member of the class.  It is wonderful to be able to teach Kanika again and this attitude towards her work and everything she does, I know will help her year 5 experience be a very successful one.  Well done Kanika!

Friday 1st October 2021

Our star of the week this week is... Tareek!


As soon as I started talking about who I'd chosen for Star of the Week this week, the children instantly knew who had been picked.  From the very first dance lesson, Tareek has beamed with excitement and enthusiasm and embraced all of the new dance moves.  This has been wonderful to watch and it definitely had a positive effect on all of the children who worked with him.  It was really fantastic seeing him embrace this unit in PE and his smile really did radiate around the whole hall.  Coupled with a great start to Year 5, Tareek has certainly hit the ground running and thoroughly deserves this accolade.  Well done Tareek!


Friday 24th September 2021

Our star of the week this week is... Violla.


Violla was an obvious choice for our star of the week this week.  She started year 5 off brilliantly because she challenges herself in each and every lesson and always tries her hardest to do the very best, regardless of the task given to her.  Her attitude towards her work is exemplary and she is an excellent role model for the other children in the class.  I have been really impressed with her maturity surrounding friendship issues this week and it has been wonderful to see how she has responded.  In addition to all of this, Violla produces work that is absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to read.  Well done Violla!

Friday 17th September 2021

Our star of the week this week is... DAVID!


We have been delighted with the way David has started Year 5.  He always comes into school with a beaming smile and has a great attitude towards his work.  We can always rely on David to contribute in the class and this really helps his confidence throughout each lesson.  David's cheeky laugh makes him a very popular member of the class with both the children and the class so it was obvious that he should be our first star of the week.  I know that David will continue to try his hardest this year.. this is just the start for him!  Well done David!