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Star of the Week

Every Friday, a new 'Star of the Week' will be chosen from the class so check back each week to see who our new shining star is!

Spring 1 Stars of the Week

Friday 27th January 2023

Our star this week is the wonderful...  Logan

We were really impressed by Logan in our PE lesson this week.  He had a fantastic attitude towards the whole lesson and really demonstrated excellent listening throughout.  Even when he was finding it a little hard, Logan was resilient and kept persevering.  He was a fantastic partner throughout the whole lesson, encouraging them to try the different moves and, by the end of the lesson, felt so confident, he wanted to demonstrate what he had done to the rest of the class.  Logan, we are incredibly proud of you!


Friday 20th January 2023

Our star this week is the wonderful...  Ella K

We are always really impressed by Ella’s attitude towards her work and we can always rely on her to listen and pay attention in the class.  This is reflected in the wonderful work she produces in every lesson.

Ella is someone who you can always rely on to present her work beautifully, regardless of the lesson, and this has helped her receive a handwriting pen.  We can always see that she focuses hard on making her handwriting neat and well-presented and this makes her a shining star in Year 5!


Friday 13th January 2023

Our star this week is the wonderful...  Riley

Since coming back from the Christmas holidays, we have been delighted with the way Riley has applied himself to his work.  In every lesson, it is clear he is trying hard and challenging himself to do the very best he can.

He contributes in all the lessons, listens carefully and has a wonderful attitude to his work.

Riley has really been a ray of sunshine on these gloomy January days and we are very lucky to have him in Year 5!

Autumn 2 Stars of the Week


Friday 9th December 2022

Our star this week is the wonderful...  Ellysha

We have been really impressed with Ellysha this week as she has shown commitment and determination in each and every lesson. She is a fantastic learning partner and this was particularly evident during the computing lessons where she listened carefully and was able to work through the problems posed.  In her DT work, she demonstrated a creative flair when designing her book and worked methodically through the process of creating her pop up book.

Ellysha is a fantastic member of Year 5 who is growing in confidence and this is really helping her to shine brightly in everything she does!  Well done Ellysha!


Friday 2nd December 2022

Our boys star of the week is the fantastic...  Noah!

The girls in Year 5 nominated ‘Noah’ as their star of the week this week.  He received many compliments from the girls who voted for him.  They all think he is a wonderful friend who is kind, caring and is a great role model for the rest of the class.  He is also an excellent learning partner in the lessons.

We wholeheartedly agree with the girls and can understand why they have chosen him as their star as he really is a fantastic member of Year 5!


Our girls star of the week is the amazing...  Emylee!

The boys in Year 5 nominated ‘Emylee’ as their star of the week this week.

She received many compliments from the boys who voted for her.  They commented on how she is very caring and loving and is someone who is always eager to work hard in the lessons.

We are delighted that Emylee was nominated and completely agree with their comments.  Emylee is a wonderfully mature member of our class who always thinks of others and is therefore an excellent role model to others.  She is a fantastic member of Year 5!



Friday 25th November 2022

Our star this week is the delightful...  Nicole!

We have been particularly impressed with Nicole during our Art lessons this week and were amazed at the beautiful, Islamic star that she produced on Wednesday.

Despite it being a complicated process, Nicole listened hard and really concentrated on the elements of symmetry and geometry, which were key to this task.  The end product is simply beautiful and we are very proud of her creative skills!


Friday 18th November 2022

Our star this week is the sensational...  Seena!

It is impossible not to smile when you say Seena’s name as she brings joy to the classroom every day and in every lesson.  Regardless of the subject, Seena gives 100% but we have seen this especially in Maths where she shows resilience and a steely determination to truly understand the lesson and apply this in her work.

Seena is a fantastic role model, not only to those in our class but for everyone in our school and we are incredibly proud of her!


Friday 11th November 2022

Our star this week is the wonderful...  Hattie!

In every piece of work that Hattie does, she thinks carefully about what she’s going to write and always gives 100%.  This is especially evident in her RE work, which is always highly reflective and beautifully presented.  Her work this week on the Sacrament of the Sick and the Apostles was a joy to read.

Hattie is a shining example of many of our Catholic Virtues and I am delighted to give her star of the week this week!



Friday 4th November 2022

Our star this week is the elegant...  Ella!

Ella is a true star in Year 5 who is conscientious, hardworking, focused and determined to be the very best she can be.

Every piece of work is beautifully presented and demonstrates that she has challenged herself.

Ella works hard in every single lesson and her attitude towards her learning is clearly seen by the amount of work she does outside of school.  She is a fantastic role model for everyone in Year 5.  Well done Ella!

Autumn 1 Stars of the Week


Friday 21st October 2022

Our star this week is the awesome...  Alex!  
We are absolutely thrilled to give Alex star of the week this week.  Over the past few weeks, we have seen a real change in Alex.  He is alert, focused and is flying through his work.  He has brought many a smile to our classroom and we love his humour and funny ways.  Alex really has demonstrated a real determination in his work and his attitude towards his learning.  He is most definitely a bright shining star and we hope it continues.  Well done Alex!





Friday 14th October 2022

Our star this week, as chosen by the lunchtime supervisors, was...  Sophia!  
This lunchtime supervisors voted for our 'Star of the Week' this week and we were delighted when they chose Sophia.  

“We chose Sophia for all the kindness she shows to others”

This is absolutely true of Sophia and she shows kindness each and every day in Year 5. She very much deserves star of the week this week, in fact, Sophia could have it every week for her kindness.



Friday 7th October 2022

Our star this week, as chosen by the children, was...  Cean!  
This week, the children were on the look out for a star who demonstrated the catholic virtues of compassionate and loving.  They were told they had to think about ways in which this person had demonstrated it during the week and we were definitely delighted with their response.  Cean was nominated as the star for the week and the children explained how.


“He helps me, is kind and shows compassion to others.”

“When I’m upset, he cheers me up and makes me laugh.”

“He lets me play lots of games and play on his team.”

“He helps people, shows kindness, comforts people when they are hurt and is a good team player.”

Cean, you are a very worthy star who always keeps us on our toes, never fails to make us smile and always wants to get involved in everything in the class.  You should be very proud of yourself... well done!


Friday 30th September 2022

Our star of the week this week is the jubilent... James.

James has really hit the ground running in Year 5 and demonstrated all the characteristics of an excellent team player and someone who wants to do well.  Right from the beginning, he has worked hard to challenge himself in the lessons and his work is always very well considered and thought out.  As we have been focusing on presentation, James was an obvious choice as he always takes pride in his work and his work is beautifully presented.  We know, with this fantastic attitude, James will go from strength to strength this year and we can't wait to see what he achieves in Year 5.  Well done James!



Friday 23rd September 2022

Our star of the week this week is the fabulous... Josna.

We have really been focusing on presentation at the moment and the children have worked really hard to try to make each piece of work look perfect.  This week, we have been especially impressed by Josna as she has made such an effort to improve the layout of her work, her handwriting and the presentation of her Maths work in her book.  Josna always works hard in class and her little smile is just fabulous so we are delighted to award her with star of the week for demonstrating consistent effort in all her work.  Well done Josna!




Friday 16th September 2022

Our star of the week this week is the wonderful... Tara.

Tara has had a fabulous start to this new academic year and we have really seen her shining and growing in confidence in each lesson.  She works hard in every lesson and it is clear this work ethic goes home too.  Following our lesson on Baghdad being a centre of learning, Tara took the initiative to go home and do some extra work on this subject.  We were presented with a beautiful poster showing arabic words and their translations into English.  This initiative and desire to want to do more is exactly the reason we chose her for our first 'Star of the Week' in Year 5.  Well done Tara!