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Star of the Week

Every Friday, a new 'Star of the Week' will be chosen from the class so check back each week to see who our new shining star is!

Autumn 1 Stars of the Week


Friday 23rd September 2022

Our star of the week this week is the fabulous... Josna.

We have really been focusing on presentation at the moment and the children have worked really hard to try to make each piece of work look perfect.  This week, we have been especially impressed by Josna as she has made such an effort to improve the layout of her work, her handwriting and the presentation of her Maths work in her book.  Josna always works hard in class and her little smile is just fabulous so we are delighted to award her with star of the week for demonstrating consistent effort in all her work.  Well done Josna!



Friday 16th September 2022

Our star of the week this week is the wonderful... Tara.

Tara has had a fabulous start to this new academic year and we have really seen her shining and growing in confidence in each lesson.  She works hard in every lesson and it is clear this work ethic goes home too.  Following our lesson on Baghdad being a centre of learning, Tara took the initiative to go home and do some extra work on this subject.  We were presented with a beautiful poster showing arabic words and their translations into English.  This initiative and desire to want to do more is exactly the reason we chose her for our first 'Star of the Week' in Year 5.  Well done Tara!