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Star of the Week

Friday 9th December 2022

This week's star is Bridie. She is the star for her investigating linkages in Design and Technology. She followed the diagram and instructions to create the body of a monster confidently. Bridie is a lovely, kind and polite member of the class.


Friday 2nd December 2022

Y2 Choice for Star of the Week


She was picked by the class because she's often shy in public but at Mass she read loudly and clearly. Her classmates said, "She's wonderful, helpful and kind." Her handwriting is great too! A lovely child.



He was picked by the class because he read, "beautifully and fantastically in Church." He's works hard on his handwriting. He's kind, caring and loving towards others. He is nice and always works hard.


Friday 25th November 2022

This week's star is Milka. She is our star for her interpretation of the Kandinsky circles picture which she recreated in paint. She used her mixing of primary and secondary colours to create vibrant, vivid circles that showed her steady hand and artistic flair. She has a talent in this subject. Well done, Milka.


Friday 18th November

This week's star is Haris. He is our star for his determination to succeed in Maths. He questions everything he gets incorrect so he can understand where he's gone wrong. He loves challenges and step to depth questions. He presents his work very neatly and is a hard worker! A wonderful child!


Thursday 10th November

This week's star is Constance. She is the star for her wonderful reflections in RE. We have been looking at the role of Mary in the Bible and she knew many extra stories compared to what we were studying. It shows she has a deep knowledge of RE and that she regularly reads the Bible. She answers questions confidently and is a delightful member of the class.


Friday 4th November

This week's star is Luke. He is the star for his fantastic, all-round attitude to learning. He listens intently and his presentation skills are excellent. We were particularly impressed with his music knowledge, this week, when he could correctly identify when listening to 'Peter and the Wolf' which instrument represented which character. An amazing boy who is a delight to teach!


Friday 21st October

This week's star is Francisca. She has made fantastic improvement in reading. She gained full marks in her Y1 Common Exception Words and 58/64 in the Year 2 words. Amazing! Her attitude to learning is brilliant. Superstar!


Friday 14th October

This week's star is Caleb. He was chosen by the dinner supervisors to be Year 2's star because "he is just the best at everything he does."


Friday 7th October

This week's star is Renaye. She is star for her loving attitude to all the class in how she helps tidy up and cares for her friends in the class. She is also star for her fantastic improvement in her presentation in all her Maths books. She has fully embraced the 'one number per box' concept and her work is beautiful as a result. An adorable, well behaved and hardworking member of Y2.


Friday 30th September

This week's star is Isla. She is our star for her fantastic attitude to self-improvement especially in her presentation. Her writing is getting so much neater (already in a month!) that another member of staff commented on it being beautiful. Isla has great manners, is kind and is a lovely friend. Well done, Isla and keep up the hard work.


Friday 23rd September

This week's star of the week is Caleb. He is our star for his beautiful presentation in all his books. He takes care to use the squares correctly in his Maths books. His handwriting , in all his books, is precise with neat and correct letter formations . Caleb is a lovely mannered boy who is a pleasure to have in the classroom. Well done, Caleb and keep up the great effort.

Mrs Edington's Presentation Award (16.9.22)

Friday 16th September 2022

Today's star of the week is Teddy. He has made a fantastic start to Y2 and has really shown he is keen to learn. He is enthusiastic in every lesson, polite and well behaved. He has shown his caring nature by volunteering to be the fruit monitor and to care for God's planet. He is a really value member of Y2.