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Star of the Week

Year 5 'Stars of the Week'


'God wants to fill you with his grace and courage so that you can go out into the world and let your light shine.'


Each week, I will choose a member of our class who has shone the brightest to become the 'Star of the Week'.  Please check this page each Friday to find out who has lit up the classroom this week.

Friday 27th November 2020


My star for this week is... Lily!


Having taught Year 5 when they were in Year 2, I am very familiar with the majority of the class so already know whether they are confident, shy or outgoing.  This term, I have watched Lily blossom in my class and it has been truly wonderful to see.  In the same way that a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, Lily has grown in confidence as the term has progressed and is showing this through her contributions in class, her beaming smile and the regular chuckles we hear throughout the day.  Not only this, but she is also incredibly hardworking, determined and passionate about what she does whilst also being a fantastic learning partner for those who are lucky enough to sit next to her.  She is exceptionally kind and caring and we are very lucky to have her in our class.  Well done Lily!

Friday 20th November 2020


My star for this week is... Karys!


This week, my star of the week has been shining brightly for some time now but has really beamed this week and excelled in her work, particularly her Maths work.  Karys always takes great care and pride over her work so it is always completed to a very high standard however, this week, her Maths work has been simply outstanding and I've been able to use it to demonstrate what 'perfect journaling' should look like.  She is a truly wonderful member of our class and I am absolutely delighted to be teaching her.  Her attitude towards her work continues through to her friendship group and she has an excellent group of friends who challenge each other and want the best for each other.  Karys always strives to improve everything she does and she does this with a smile on her face and a spring in her step - particularly when she is doing the Daily Mile.  We are very lucky to have Karys in Year 5 and we definitely all benefit from being around her, myself included.  Well done Karys, you have truly earned this award!  

Friday 13th November 2020


My star for this week is... Tia!


I immediately knew who I was going to choose for my star of the week as I had been aware of a change in her from before half term.  Tia has really demonstrated what a valued member of our class she is and this, in turn, is helping to boost her confidence.  She is now more vocal in class and this is helping her character and personality to shine through.  Tia has a mature attitude and I have been particularly impressed by her empathy and consideration towards her learning partner in class whom she helps to guide and develop her confidence within the lesson.  This is really impressive and shows what a wonderful class member she really is.  I am delighted that we are now seeing this side of Tia and she truly deserves star of the week as a result.  Well done Tia!

Friday 6th November 2020


My star for this week is... Jonathan!


Mr Lahert and Mrs Woodley chose Jonathan for star of the week for being conscientious in class, getting on with this work and working quietly at all times.  Well done Jonathan!

Friday 23rd October 2020


My star for this week is... Ali-Jay!


This week, I had no hesitations with whom I was going to choose for star of the week so Ali-Jay was the obvious choice for many reasons.  In each class I have taught, there is always one pupil that can see sense even when noone else can.  They make the rest of the class smile, simply through being there and can challenge in a way that can make me question who is right.  They have qualities that make them incredibly popular but you wouldn't know that from the way they carry themselves and, for all of these reasons, make the class brighter as a result.  Ali-Jay is a wonderful member of our class who effortlessly does all of these things on a daily basis and doesn't even realise what he is doing.  He actively seeks to bring a smile to everyone's faces, even when he is telling them off (although they don't realise he's doing this).  He has a cheery disposition, a fantastically dry sense of humour and is always willing to help.  I love his logical approach to everything and I am delighted to be teaching him once again.  The final star of the week title is well deserved... congratulations Ali-Jay!

Friday 16th October 2020


My star for this week is... Alex!


When I consider who should be star of the week, I often look around the classroom to see if anybody has stood out during the week or changed over the half term.  This week, it was obvious who I was going to choose as I have seen a real change in Alex as the weeks have passed.  At the beginning, Alex wasn't always the best learning partner and struggled with his behaviour a little, especially in the MUGA.  However, as the half term has progressed, so too has Alex and I am absolutely delighted for him.  He's now a fantastic learning partner, works well with the rest of the children in the class and is playing much better at break and lunchtimes.  He is smiling more, trying more and being a wonderful class mate.  I am exceptionally proud of the changes that Alex has made and know this will serve him well for the rest of the year.  Well done Alex... you are very worthy winner of the Year 5 star of the week!

Friday 9th October 2020


My star for this week is... Mahdiyah!


As soon as I received the email about star of the week, I instantly knew who I was going to choose.  I have been so impressed with Mayhdiyah this half term that she was an obvious choice for me.  Not only has she really begun to apply herself in the classroom, completing more work and having more confidence in the lessons, but she has shown real resilience and determination in one particular challenge... the daily mile.  At one stage, Mahdiyah would happily amble around the playground during the daily mile and spend more time chatting to her friends than actually trying to finish it.  When we started the Catholic Cluster competition, she really picked up her speed and began to run the mile rather than simply walk it.  After one particularly shaky day, it was clear that Mahdiyah had decided that she was going to complete it regardless of how much she had to run and now she confidently completes the mile the majority of the time.  What's even better is she smiles when she does it and is proud of her achievement.  I am so proud of Mahdiyah for her attitude towards being active, both in the classroom and in her fitness and this is why she is most definitely my shining, and running, star of the week this week.  Well done Mahdiyah!

Friday 2nd October 2020


My star for this week is... Maisey!


I am delighted to award Maisey with star of the week this week as she thoroughly deserves to be recognised for her fantastic attitude towards her learning.  Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen a real change in Maisey and she is now focused, attentive and driven with regards to the work she does both at school and at home.  As a result, she is making real progress in her lessons and it is wonderful to see her growing in confidence as a result.  Maisey always comes into school with beaming smile that lights up my classroom and an infectious giggle that never fails to make me smile.  I am so proud of the way Maisey is approaching her learning and she really does deserve to achieve the best as a result.  Well done Maisey!

Friday 25th September 2020


My star for this week is... Jarred!


Jarred (noun): hardworking, motivated, determined, conscientious, diligent, thorough, meticulous

Having taught Jarred before, I always knew how hard working and determined he was and this has not changed at all.  His attitude towards his work and his learning is fantastic and he has a real desire to be the very best in EVERYTHING he does - not only in the classroom but also in other activities.  This week, we have been challenging ourselves to complete miles in school and Jarred has risen to this challenge every day, making sure he is putting in 100% each break, lunch and daily mile session.  This, coupled with his focus and determination in every single lesson makes his a true star and one which brightens my classroom on a daily basis.  I'm very proud of what Jarred achieves and what he stands for and think he is an excellent role model for his classmates.  Well done Jarred!


Friday 19th September 2020


My star for this week is... Dion!


I have been really impressed with Dion this week as he has shown that he really wants to do well in all of his lessons.  He is keen, enthusiastic and hard working and these are wonderful traits to have.  His hand is regularly up and, if he is unsure about something, he always asks so that he continues working.  This week, I have been particularly impressed with his determination in his Maths lessons and this has helped him to have a much better understanding of place value and number.  It is wonderful to see him smiling when he gets something right and when he has an idea that he wants to share with me.  I am delighted with the progress he is making and really hope that his enthusiasm continues throughout the year.  Well done Dion!

Friday 11th September 2020


My star for this week is... Antonia!


I had a hard time deciding on who should be my star of the week this week as so many children have shown that they are dedicated and keen learners who take pride in everything they do.  However, as I sat and thought about who would be the first star, I considered the baseline assessments that the children had completed last week and, more importantly, something Mrs Edgington had said to me.  Whilst lots of children shone in their assessments and impressed all of us, Antonia's reading assessment was a sight to behold as she achieved the highest score that any Year 5 child has ever achieved for a baseline assessment.  This truly is a wonderful achievement and is a reflection of what I see every day in the classroom.  Antonia really does give 100% in everything she does and has a thirst for knowledge and I am delighted to be able to see this flourish again this year.  Well done Antonia!

Friday 4th September 2020


My star of the week for the first week back has to be... the whole class!


I am so proud of how sensible and calm all of the children have been coming back after what has been a long period of time away from school for some children.  We are the only class to achieve 100% attendance this week which is fabulous and the children have adapted to the new surroundings exceptionally well.  Not only that but they have completed a whole range of assessments without complaining and I am sure they have tried their hardest in each and every test.  This is a fabulous start to the new year and I am really looking forward to seeing how they flourish as the year progresses.


Well done Year 5!