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Star of The Week

Star of The Week

Each week, I will be picking a member of Year One who has truly impressed Mrs Lynch and myself in class and at school. I will be packing a star each week who has truly shone bright in the classroom so make sure you check this page each Friday to find out who bright, shining star is. The child will also be receiving a certificate which they can take home once their week as the star has ended.







For my star this week I have chosen...ALL OF YEAR ONE! They have absolutely blown our socks off with their fantastic assessments that they have been working so hard on. All of the children have been so focused and concentrated this week on trying to beat their scores and do well on their tests to show their learning.  Their super commitment to their work really shines through on their test scores- Mrs Lynch and I can really see that lots of children are making progress and this makes us very pleased! I am so proud of Year One and their mature attitude to their assessments this week- well done to you all and I hope you all have a rest this weekend. YOU DESERVE IT! 



Previous Stars of the week


Look back at all the previous stars we have had that have shone brightly in our classroom this year...


14.5.2021- ALL OF YEAR ONE



7.5.2021- Matilda



30.4.2021- Siah



26.3.2021- Emilia

19.3.2021- Mark

11.3.2021- Isabella


4.3.2021- Lucas


26.2.2021- Emmanuel


12.2.2021-All of Year 1


5.2.2021- Lacey Mai


29.1.2021- Kaiven


22.1.2021- Riley


15.1.2021- Sophia


18.12. 2020- Leilah


11.12. 2020- Kaiven


4.12. 2020- Ebony


27.11. 2020- Andrew


20.11. 2020- Siah


12.11. 2020- Ayah


4.11.2020- Ciara Lily


23.10.2020- Lucas


16.10.2020- Emmanuel


9.10.2020- Whole Class ( All of Year One for Fab Home Learning)


2.10.2020- Reuben


25.9.2020- Suela


18.9.2020 - Jacob