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We believe that it is only right that children get recognised for their hard work so we will be doing this every Friday with a star of the week and the star jar! 


Every Friday Mrs Hawkins and I shall choose a child who has been a superstar for the week and they shall be rewarded with Star of the week!

How can you be a star of the week?

There are lots of different ways that your child can be a star of the week, here are a few examples:

  • following our class rules and being kind to one another 
  • showing determination in all they do and using their 'can do' attitude towards tricky tasks
  • helping others and supporting one another
  • going above and beyond in their work

PLUS many more! 


Friday 18th September 2020

The star of the week this week goes to Kaison for his continued enthusiasm towards his Science and Draft and Edit work. He has been constantly offering answers in lessons and has really impressed Mrs Hawkins and myself. Well done Kaison, keep up the good work! 


Friday 11th September 2020

The star of the week this week goes to the lovely Seena who always tries hard in everything that she does, is a lovely, kind member of our class and is enthusiastic with her learning. Well done Seena, we are all so proud of you and the work and effort you are showing...keep it up! 


Friday 4th September 2020

This week's star of the week has got to be all of Year 3 for their hard work and motivational attitude during the first week of term! Mrs Hawkins and I have been super impressed with how well they have all settled into year 3 and it just shows what superstars they all are! Well done Year 3, you should all give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back! 



As well as the star of the week, every Friday there will be one child chosen from our star jar! Your child can get their name in the weekly lucky dip of the star jar if they reach the top of the zone board for that day! 

For example, 

Your child would need to get to the 'I am a star' zone of the zone board in our classroom to get their name entered into the lucky dip! If they get to this zone more than once in a week then their name shall be added accordingly so they can have their name entered up to 5 times each week (one for each day of the week). On the Friday, I shall draw the lucky dip and the winner shall win a prize from our prize box! 

To get to the 'I am a star' zone, the children need to impress us with an enthusiastic and motivated attitude towards their learning and showing kindness to one another!