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Star of the Week

Friday 9th July

This week's star of the week is Ghelila. We have chosen Ghelila for her outstanding effort with her remote learning. She completes all the work and uploads it immediately. If she is unclear about something she sends a j2message for help, which shows a determination to succeed. She has been trying to add her capital letters (which is her target) to her writing and she is getting there. 

Well done Ghelila and keep up the good work.


Friday 2nd July

The Year 2 star of the week is Louis. Mrs Woodley and I are so impressed with how Louis reading has come on, this year with his phonics and his pronunciation. Louis is keen to learn and it's showing in all his subjects. We can now clearly read his handwriting and it's getting neater. Also, a special mention must go to Louis for his determination to get to the top of the climbing wall, last week. He succeeded and it was a pleasure to see his joy!

Louis is a FANTASTIC member of the class and has had a brilliant year.


Friday 25th June

The Year 2 star of the week is Grace F. Grace loves to read aloud to the class and has enjoyed all the books we have explored especially 'The Red Tree' which we are doing presently. She has made super progress with using full stops in her writing and she has worked hard on improving her handwriting. Grace has had a successful year and is a delightful member of the class.


Friday 18th June

The star of the week for Y2 is Amelia. Amelia was excellent at the farm trip, this week,  where she applied her knowledge of 3D shapes to many of the objects around the farm (including the bales of hay). Amelia loves writing stories and shares many of her home-made ones with the class. She also enjoys singing along to the hymns in our collective worship; she has a beautiful voice. Well done Amelia with being an all-round, hardworking and well-behaved member of Year 2!


Friday 11th June

The Y2 star of the week is Tristan. Tristan is a delightful member of Year 2 who is always helpful and polite. He tries in every lesson to do his best work and his efforts are being seen in his assessments. Tristan has a caring nature that is evident in everything he does. He is an all round wonderful member of Year 2 and will go far in life with his superb attitude to learning! Well done, Tristan.


Friday 28th May

The star of Year 2 this week is Rico. Mrs Woodley and I are both pleased with how he is showing signs of maturity and recognising where he needs to try harder both in his work and play. Rico shows real empathy when a child is hurt or upset. He volunteers to help all the time and is a very popular member of Year 2. Well done Rico for trying to calm the tears and turning them into smiles.


Friday 21st May

Year 2 star of the week is Aaliyah. Mrs Woodley and I are really impressed with all the effort she is putting into using her phonics to help her read new words and write her own sentences, independently. Aaliyah is a bundle of happiness who is a joy to have in our classroom. Her patient and caring nature is evident in how she plays with others and how respectfully she talks to everyone. She is an asset to Year 2.


Friday 14th May

The Year 2 star of the week is Sallyanne. She has become more independent in Year 2 and her determination to succeed has been really evident in her assessments where she has made excellent progress. Sallyanne volunteers to remain in class when she is writing stories to make sure she has self-edited enough and this resilience to work will be a valuable skill in life. She is a lovely, smiley girl who loves to please and is a delight to have in the classroom. Well done with all your hard work and keep it up!


Friday 7th May

The star of the week for Year 2 is Whitney. She is star of the week for her absolutely fantastic short story based on The Scary Snorklum. The writing showed a real understanding of the characters of the story, her handwriting was neat and she used full punctuation. Whitney has really applied herself to her learning, this term and we are pleased with her progress. She is a lovely, valued mannered member of Year 2 and know she will continue to do well with her super attitude to learning.


Friday 30th April 2021

Year 2's star of the week is Anika. She has been really applying herself, this week with her Big Maths and her phonics. She even spelt survey in her phonics lesson which Dr Gould and Mrs Woodley were thrilled she could do independently. Anika is a hard working, polite and patient member of Year 2 and we are so happy with the progress she is making.


Friday 26th March 2021

The star of the week is Harvey for his effort in his phonics, direct instruction and his writing. Mrs Woodley and I are so proud of how hard Harvey is trying with his letter formation and in answering questions. Brilliant effort, Harvey! Keep up the fantastic work.


Friday 19th March 2021

The star of the week is Amar. Amar has been working hard on learning to tell the time at both home and at school and it shows! He has been achieving all the objectives and challenging himself to answer the extra questions. He is a delight to have in the classroom and a pleasure to have around. Well done!


Friday 12th March 2021

Mrs Woodley and I would like to give the star of the week to every member of Year 2. They have returned to school keen and happy. They are all trying to work on their handwriting and their manners and overall be do their best. We are delighted to have them all back and we thank God for keeping us all safe.


Friday 5th March 2021

The star of the week is Grace KW. Grace has continually worked hard throughout the lockdown completing her class work, her on line Maths and English games but also showing us her baking. Grace helped give me some ideas of books to share with the class (to read on line) and has joined in with the PE activities that have been suggested. Mrs Woodley and I have been so pleased to see how hard she has worked especially on telling the time! Well done Grace for doing so well this lockdown.


Friday 26th February 2021

The star of the week is Blessing. Blessing is working hard in the class bubble to complete all her work and to show how dedicated she is to her own learning. She is really keen to understand the task and will push herself to complete all the work with lovely handwriting and full punctuation. She has been a delight to have in the classroom during this lockdown.


Friday 5th February 2021

The star of the week is Andrea. Andrea is one of the children in school and has adapted so well to changing bubbles throughout the time. She has been a shining example of a hard working, committed pupil who has thrived on challenging herself with some of the Year 3 and 4 Maths (once she has completed the Year 2 work). Mrs Woodley is also pleased with how many of the responses she knows for Mass too! Andrea, well done and we are really proud of you.


Friday 29th January 2021

The star of the week is Millie for her dedication and commitment to the home learning. I can really see how hard you are working, Millie and trying to complete all the tasks. You are so detemined that I can see real progress already. You're even trying to improve your handwriting as well. You really are a superstar. 


Friday 22nd January 2021

The star of the week is Evelyn for her brilliant contribution to the home learning. Evelyn completes all the work and then does extra linked to the same topic. You're really working so hard, Evelyn an it is showing in how well you're answering the questions. Fantastic effort.


Friday 15th January 2021

The star of the week is Eros for his fantastic remote learning. Eros completes everything and when he has made a mistake once I've pointed them out he's corrected them Well done Eros for your outstanding effort.

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Friday 18th December

The Year 2 star of the week is Ionah. She has been a great instructor, this week, during the mince pies baking for DT. Ionah is a calm, friendly and well behaved role model to the other children. She always tries hard and it has shown in her assessments. Well Done, Ionah.


Friday 11th December

Year 2's star of the week is Yamin. He volunteered to read in the school carol concert and has really done us all proud. He is an enthusiastic, caring and hardworking boy who is an absolute delight to have in the classroom. Well done, Yamin you've had a great term in Y2.


Friday 4th December

Year 2 star of the week is Elishaj. She is a friendly, well-mannered and kind member of year 2. Her independent writing , describing two scenes of our class book, this week was exceptional! Well done, Elishaj you really are doing so well in Y2. Keep up the outstanding effort!


Friday 27th November

Year 2 star of the week is Brooke. She always comes to school with a smile on her face and loves learning. She works hard and is willing to help other members of the class (including teachers). She is a well-mannered, polite member of year 2. We enjoy having her in our classroom. Well done Brooke.


Friday 20th November

The Y2 star of the week is Ghelila. We have been very impressed with her trying hard with her Direct Instruction. She always listens, answer questions and uses all her phonic skills to write superb sentences. She doesn't let others distract her as she loves to learn. She is a pleasure to have in the class!


Friday 13th November

Year 2 star of this week is Cassius. We have been so impressed with how much he has tried to do all his work this week and when he has had a problem, he has been able to tell a teacher so it can be sorted it out. Well done Cassius for showing us all your happy, kind and hardworking side. Please keep it up!


Friday 6th November

Year 2 Star of this week is Robyn. Robyn demonstrates the prophetic virtue as she always comes into the classroom and settles straight down to work without fuss. She is a great example of someone who wants to learn. Well done Robyn for all your efforts as they are being noticed!


Friday 23rd October

Year 2 Star of this week is Rose. Rose has been trying so hard with her Maths work and has really started to become more independent. She tries hard and is a delight to have in the classroom. Well done Rose for a great first half term.


Friday 16th October

Year 2 Star of this week is Tommie. He asks a lot of questions to really try and understand what he is learning. We really like the enthusiasm in Y2 and can see he is actively trying to get better in everything he does. Well done Tommie for such a great attitude to your work. Keep it up.


Friday 9th October

The star of the week this week is Cheska. She has really grasped column subtraction and has been able to demonstrate her knowledge in her homework. She regularly blogs on the Y2 page and often adds little jokes to make us all laugh! It's a pleasure to have her in the classroom. 


Friday 2nd October

Well done to Alfie for being our star of the week. He has used the catholic virtue of being 'curious' to challenge himself in Maths and it's paying off. His behaviour has also been excellent. If he carries on this way Alfie will do really well in Y2.


Friday 25th September

Well done to Andrea for being our star of the week. We have been really impressed with her for trying hard and working hard everyday in every way. Fantastic first month Andrea!


Friday 18th September

Well done to Louis for being our star of the week. We have been really impressed with him putting his hands up to answer questions, understanding the new maths and for trying really hard. Super effort, Louis, keep it up!