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Stars of the Week

We believe that it is only right that children get recognised for their hard work so we will be doing this every Friday with a star of the week!



Every Friday Mrs Hawkins and I shall choose a child who has been a superstar for the week and they shall be rewarded with Star of the week!

How can you be a star of the week?

There are lots of different ways that your child can be a star of the week, here are a few examples:

  • following our class rules and being kind to one another 
  • showing determination in all they do and using their 'can do' attitude towards tricky tasks
  • helping others and supporting one another
  • going above and beyond in their work

PLUS many more! 


Star of the Weeks:


Our star of the week this week in Year 3 goes to the excellent Evelyn! Evelyn deserves star of the week this week as she has tried so hard in all of her assessments and blew our socks off with her results. She is constantly trying hard in class and has been focused on her quality and quantity of work and as a result of this she has been in the Presentation Heroes Club for 5 weeks consecutively. We are impressed Evelyn's enthusiasm, keep it up Evelyn! Well done!


Our star of the week in Year 3 this time goes to Blessing for her amazing efforts in all her work! She is trying hard to add more detail into her work and this is showing. We have noticed a great difference in the quality and quantity of work that Blessing is creating and we are very proud of this. We have also noticed Blessing getting involved a lot more in class discussions, a very fantastic week Blessing! Well done, keep up the great work! 


Our Star of the week this week in Year 3 is Kye for his amazing knowledge and engagement in our Science topic: Light. We have been impressed with Kye's independence and attitude to learn more in this subject as well as others subjects we are learning about too. We are very proud of Kye's enthusiasm and how much effort he is putting in, well done Kye, keep up the great work! 


Our star of the week in Year 3 this time goes to Amelia for fantastic work in the classroom. We have seen a growth and maturity about Amelia and she has been working hard across all lessons especially with her creativity and enthusiasm for Art. In a similar way, Amelia worked very hard in maths when completing a fractions bar model and this was perfect. Well done, Amelia! Keep it up! 


Our star of the week this week in Year 3 goes to Cassius for his hard work in his lessons. He is contributing more in discussion and is making conscious good choices. Cassius has been trying hard in his work including his handwriting and has been doing good reading too. Well done Cassius, keep up the great work! 


Our Star of the week this week goes to Grace F for amazing retrieval and inference skills in our whole class reading lessons. She has worked very hard during discussion times to think outside of the box when it comes to the meaning of the text. She has grown in confidence and we are so pleased to see this!


This time in Year 3, our star of the week goes to Cheska for her excellent homework and he discussions in class. She is a brilliant role model in the classroom as she demonstrates excellent listening skills and shows that she has understood the learning from the lesson in the quality of her work. Well done Cheska, keep it up!


Our star of the week this week goes to Emmanuel. We are impressed with his hard work this week and he has shown great knowledge in our science lessons when we were learning all about the human body. We are pleased he is working so hard, keep it up Emmanuel!


Our star of the week this time in Year 3 goes to Grace KW for her excellent contributions during class discussions. She is working hard to make her work good quality and has been thinking about how she can make her writing neat. She has accomplished this which has resulted in many pieces of her work being displayed on our working walls. 


Our star of the week in Year 3 this time goes to Ghelila for her excellent efforts recently in her lessons. She worked hard during the assessment and proved that she had taken on board everything we had learnt in lessons. She has also been a kind friend to classmates and is a happy member of Year 3.


Our star of the week this time in Year 3 goes to Andrea. She has been a fantastic role model in Year 3 of how we should learn and has been following the catholic virtues of learned and active. She has been trying hard in all subjects and has created fantastic pieces of work while also wanting to learn more by completing the challenges. 


Our star of the week in Year 3 this week goes to Eros for being excellent. He tries so hard in all lessons, offers answers, works well in a group, is a supportive friend and has beautiful presentation in his books. He has impressed us so much so far this year and he truly deserves to get star of the week!


Our star of the week this week goes to the amazing Isla-Mai! She has settled into Year 3 fantastically and has shown that hard work and determination are good qualities to have. She has worked hard in all lessons and has been ready to discuss her answers with the others in our class. We have noticed Isla's confidence grow as she has been completing extra challenges. Well done Isla-Mai!


Our star of the week this week goes to the incredible Ionah! She has shone so bright since the start of Year 3 and has offered so much to our class already. Ionah shares answers in discussions, tries hard in all her work activities and will challenge herself to extend her learning. She is a real superstar and really deserves Star of the Week this week! 


The very first Star of the Week in Year 3 this year is Louis! We have chosen Louis for his brilliant efforts in class and his lovely nature and personality around school. He is working so hard to challenge himself and is never afraid to have a go when sharing answers in class. We have seen him shine in Maths and this has boosted his confidence greatly. Well done Louis, what a superstar!