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Study Plans and Homework Grids

Each term your child will be given a homework grid. They will be given a homework task to focus on each week which needs to be completed at home. 

There are daily tasks that the children should be doing everyday such as reading, practising their spellings and going on TimesTableRockStars along with some downtime.


The children's homework books MUST be brought in on a Thursday and their new task will be announced on the Friday. 



Autumn Homework Grid 

Please find below the Autumn Homework Grid which is also in your child's homework book. 

Autumn Homework Tasks 


Week commencing 11.10.21 - Book Review Task - To write a book review about George's Marvellous Medicine. Would you recommend it and why?


Week commencing 04.10.21 - Science Task - To draw a lifecycle in nature e.g. a frog, butterfly, seasons


Week commencing 27.09.21 - Geography Task - Make a map of your local area and include a key. 


Week commencing 20.09.21- Maths Task - To create a maths problem for counting in hundreds or fifties and then answer it with a part part whole and bar model.