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Summer Holiday Challenges and Activities

Summer Holiday Challenges and Activities 


Below I have set some summer holiday challenges for you to take part in over the holiday if and only if you want to. It is your holiday and I understand if you want to rest but they are for children who might wish to try them out just for fun or if they get a little bored during their long Summer break. I will not be doing any monitoring of activities over the summer break so please do not upload them onto your class blogs. They are just for you to try out at home and enjoy- you do not need to post them anywhere. Have a great Summer and enjoy the activities and challenges on offer!

Year One Summer Homework Challenge/ Activities Grid

Year One Summer Homework Challenges/Activities Grid- Document to Download or Print

Year One Class of 2020 Rainbow Page- to Download, Print, Keep and Remember.

25 Day Summer Reading Challenge

Youtube Kids 30 Day Summer Reading Challenge

30 Day Summer Book Challenge

30 Days Summer Writing Challenge

Summer Holiday Wednesday Word Pack and Special Extended Edition

August Acts of Kindness

30 Days Summer Bible Scripture Reading Challenge

30 Day Summer Drawing Challenge

30 Days Summer Art Challenge

Summer Art Challenge

30 Days Art/ DT Summer Challenge