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This week's homework...

 Homework in Reception - Autumn 1 


At the moment a lot of the homework will be set on the class page, rather than given out.


 Please complete the weekly and daily tasks 

There will be weekly tasks (10 minutes) - a Literacy/phonics and Maths activity to complete at home, but unfortunately at the moment you are unable to bring it in for it to be marked. As soon as this is possible, we will let you know. Please don't spend too long on this. At school we spend around 10 minutes on a focus task with an adult, no more than that.


In addition to this there are daily tasks (5 minutes). The daily tasks are quick 5 minute tasks to practise as much you can - reading your reading book (they will be sent home WC: 21.09.20) and practising to read sound box sounds/words and high frequency words. Sound boxes will be practised in school and as soon as it is possible to send them home, we will. I have added the sounds and words we have learned at school so far below. 

Again, please don't spend a long time on these tasks. It is just good to keep practising them as much as possible.


Online learning - please go on the websites as often as possible

 You will receive a letter about these websites soon with log in details too. Don't worry about this just yet. smiley


Home learning tasks - You don't have to complete these - an added extra...

Home learning tasks (linked to our topic) are an added extra that you may wish to complete, but you don't have to. smiley 

These are suggested activities that you might want to do at home during this half-term, but you do not have to.

 Weekly tasks - Week 4 - WC: Monday 21st September 2020 


Phonics activity mat - linked to the sounds below

1. Can you match the pictures to the phonic sound that they begin with?

2. Can you read the word and match it to the correct picture?

 You might want to use your robot arms to 'sound out' the word and blend it together. 

Maths activity mat

 Daily tasks 

The daily tasks are quick 5 minute activities that are important to practise on a daily basis.


1. Reading books Read your reading book at home.
2. Sound boxes Practise reading the sounds and words learned so far. Practise blending the sounds together to say the words, e.g. s-a-t ----> sat. We use 'robot arms' at school to segment and blend together.
3. High frequency words Practise reading the high frequency words. Focus on band 1 first and only move to the next when you can read all 9 words in the band.
4. Maths Practise counting, recognising, ordering or writing numbers to 20.

Sound box - sounds and words learned so far


High Frequency words

 Online learning 

Use your logins to go on these websites as often as possible.


1. Active Learn is a tool for reading and the children have been allocated stage appropriate books that they can read online and then answer questions.
2. Numbots, part of the Times Table Rockstars website, is a site that focuses on addition and subtraction. 

 Home learning tasks - Autumn 1 

These are suggestions of creative tasks that you could complete. You do not need to complete them.

Choose one or as many as you like and complete as and when you wish to over the half-term.

These tasks are linked to the topics in Understanding the world/Art.


Understanding the world - All about me
Art - Colour and portraits

- Draw/paint a picture of your family.

- Maybe you could draw and label your family tree?

- Draw/paint/create a self-portrait.

- Create a picture using only the primary colours - red, yellow and blue.