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Thurs 28th Jan

Morning Year 2,

It's Thursday and I want us to be thankful for all the people in our lives today. There's a special CAFOD national assembly today at 9.30am. We watched the one for Advent together before we broke up for Christmas so let us all watch it together and be thankful for each other and our families. I want us to pray especially today for Harvey's great grandad who has just passed away. I spoke to Harvey's family yesterday and they would really appreciate us remembering the family in our prayers. Keep safe everyone and God bless,

Dr Gould.

Remote Learning Time Table

Please complete the activities and upload onto the class blog by 4pm everyday. Instructions on how to add to the class blog is on the Y2 class page and is a tutorial from Miss Murphy.

Collective Worship is found in the tab on the class page.

(week 4 - water)


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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Word of the Day - inspire

Write three sentences using the word of the day. Remember to look it up in  a dictionary so you know what it means!

Maths - Money Lesson 9


Please complete the introduction quiz before you watch the problem solving video. Then do the exit quiz. 

Maths Coins Quizzes Document

Maths independent task

Maths - Problem Solving Two Step problems. 

Remember questions 4 and 5 you have to do one number calculation and then another to get the answer. You may have to add and then subtract to get the answer. I know you can do it... just look at the numbers to use. 

Maths Problem Solving (the same questions as above in a document)

Join the CAFOD Assembly at 9.30am on the above link.


English - The Lighthouse

Watch the clip again.

Quick Review Questions

1. Explain how you know it is night time.

2. Where are most of the villagers spending their time?

3. How does the candle get blown out?

4. What does the lighthouse keeper pick up half way up to the top of the lighthouse?

5. What do you think has happened to the lamp? What clues help you to decide this?

6. Why does the lamp need to shine out to sea?

7. Explain how the lamp breaks into pieces?

8. How is the ship saved from danger?


Having watched the clip and explored the different parts of the story, your task today is to write a postcard.

Look at the prompts on the postcard below and then write your own one on the blank template.


Word search to do. Don't forget you can also practice using j2blast.

Big Maths - Thursday

Art - Visual Texture (3)