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Thurs 4th Feb


Good Morning Year 2,

How are you all? Did you see me reading in Mass yesterday? Miss Hands, Miss Elliot and myself were all asked to read in Church and I was so excited to go. It has been ten months since I was in St Rose Church (even though I attend my own Church) and it felt so lovely to be there. I said lots of prayers for you all. Have a great Thursday and keep up with the superb effort.

Dr Gould.

Remote Learning Time Table

Please complete the activities and upload onto the class blog by 4pm everyday. Instructions on how to add to the class blog is on the Y2 class page and is a tutorial from Miss Murphy.

Collective Worship is found in the tab on the class page. (week 5 - teacher)


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship
5 A Day 5 A Day 5 A Day 5 A Day 5 A Day
Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths
English English English English English
Big Maths Big Maths Big Maths Big Maths Big Maths Test
RE Science Knowledge Base Curriculum RE          -


Collective Worship

Maths  - Shape (Lesson 4)


Watch the video clip and then complete the various quizzes. Let me know the score, please.

Then complete the two tasks below. I have added the task sheets to download  as it will help with drawing accurately.



Warm up SPAG activity


Reading Activity

Read the text on Florence Nightingale and then complete the VIPER activities.

The Quangle Wangle Hat Poem

English - The Quangle Wangle Hat

Listen to the poem by clicking above.




Big Maths - Thursday