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Thursday 04.03.21

Thursday 4th March 2021


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A message from us...

Hello Everyone! How are you all doing today? Today is not just is WORLD BOOK DAY! What an exciting day! Even though we aren't all in school and dressed up, we still have lots of lovely activities for you to do today. You will find World Book Day activities featured all day today so please have a go at them! 

We have got an amazing activity for you to take part in called THE MASKED READER! Your challenge is to identify which Teacher or TA is reading the book behind the mask and what book they are reading. Upload your answers to the blog. Find the link below...

Today you are also going to be learning how to collect and present data in a graph in Maths, you are going to be reading about Grace Darling; another notable person and then in writing you are going to be continuing with the unicorns uncovered topic and will be focusing on meaning and understanding of the text. This afternoon it is Geography where you will learn about the human features of Europe. Only 4 days to go until we see you so, so close! We cannot wait!! 

We are here if you need anything, have a great day everyone!

Miss Mapother & Mrs Hawkins x 


Basic Skills

Please click on the link below to complete the Basic Skills document. 

This includes...

  • 5 a day
  • SPAG
  • Word of the day
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spellings

Make sure to complete all the work. 


For today's lesson, we are going to start a new topic all about Graphs and today you are going to be focusing on collecting and presenting data in graphs. 

Please click on the link below to take you to the learning page. Remember to do all the quizzes, watch the video and complete the worksheet below...

PDF version of the video

Time for a quiz with a twist! How much do you know about books? Here is the need to use your maths skills to work out the questions! GOOD LUCK! 

Click on the image below to take you to the page. 


Take 15 minutes to have a break, snack and some fresh air before you continue the rest of your work for this morning!




For today's lesson, we are going to be continuing with 'Unicorns Uncovered'. Please click on the link below to read the text and to complete the worksheet. 

There is also an audio format if you would like to hear that too.

Unicorns Uncovered Text


In today's lesson you are going to be reading about Grace Darling and will answer questions about the text. 

Questions about the Grace Darling text

Time for another World Book Day activity, this time a reading quiz! GOOD LUCK!

Please click on the image below to take you to the page...



Well done, half way through the day! Grab some food, have a break and get some fresh air before this afternoon's lessons.



Collective Worship

Click on the images below to take you to today's collective worship slide. Please use this time to reflect.



Stay up to date on the news in the world and read the news article below and answer the comprehension questions using the link...

Big Maths

Using the link below, please practice the skills for your Big Maths which were areas that some of you struggled on and if we practice a little more, we will have lots of 10/10! You can do this!

Click on the Clic document that links to you. 



In today's lesson you are going to be continuing looking at a topic that you are familiar with: Europe. You are going to learn about the human features of Europe. 

Please make sure you complete the quizzes, watch the video and complete the task in the video.

Daily Mile

Time to get active, get your trainers on and complete the daily mile by either running, walking or doing some physical activity outside or even around the house!


WAIT! Before you log off for the day, make sure to upload your wonderful work to the blog for me to see...

World Book Day Extravaganza!

Stop! Have you taken part in our Masked Reader Competition and completing lots of World Book Day activities?

If the answer was no...go straight to the page of fun by clicking this image below to explore our World Book Day activities!



Rather than reading 'The Boy who grew dragons today' you can listen to lots of different books using this link below. Click on the image of the library to take you to a WORLD of amazing audiobooks!


Whole School Library

Year 3/4 Library


Extra Activities

To continue to practice on your skills, have a go on some of the apps. A housepoint for each activity you complete (make sure to let me know). Follow the link below to tell you more...


Now it is time to log off! 

Well done for another amazing day of home learning, keep up the great work and enjoy your evening!