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Thursday 27th January 2021


**New paper learning packs for this week are available to collect from the office**


Please try and post on the class blog at least once a week, if not more, so I can see how the children are doing. It means I can write the children a little message to encourage them. You will need your BGfL log in details for this.


If you need any support or have any queries please email

Good morning Nursery, 


I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the chance to play in the snow. It's very nice to have some excitement when we aren't able to go out and see our friends and family as we might like to. I am missing seeing you all every day but I know how important it is that we all stay safe at the moment. I would love to see how you get on with the home learning tasks so please do try and post that over on the blog! 


Take care,

Miss Arnold

Worship at home


Today’s challenge is make up actions to help you tell the story. You could then “step the story”. This is simply moving around the room retelling the story with the actions. You might walk from one side of the room to the other or around the garden. It’s a really interactive way for children to learn the story. You could use an audio version of the story to listen to whilst you do the actions such as this one.


Ask your child to lie down and ‘measure’ them, by putting a marker by head and feet, then stretching a piece of tape as long as the child. They find out how many pens will match this, carefully placed end to end, making sure they are straight, with no gaps or overlaps. Repeat with other things of uniform length, some long, some short (such as rolled up sheets of newspaper, spoons, buttons, Lego or Duplo bricks) to make several ‘trails’ of equal length and compare the results.


Phonics task


Teach everyone at home the "pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, bakers man" song and show them how they should clap their hands to the beat. 

Phonics task