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Thursday 11th February

Thursday 11th February


Morning greeting

Good morning Nursery. I hope you're all well and have been enjoying the flurries of snow that we've had over the past few days. Today you are going to be "stepping the story" and sharing food or toys. As ever, I love to see what you post on the blog so please do keep posting! 

Morning routine


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Collective worship

As we have been focusing on kindness this week, I have attached a link to a kindness craft. You create a kindness flag for each member of your family and move them to the flag holder when you spot them being kind.



Today’s challenge is make up actions to help you tell the story. You could then “step the story”. This is simply moving around the room retelling the story with the actions. You might walk from one side of the room to the other or around the garden. It’s a really interactive way for children to learn the story. You could use an audio version of the story to listen to whilst you do the actions.



You can do todays activity with fruit or with toys. If you’re using fruit ask a grown up to cut it up in to several pieces. Can you share the pieces out so you both have the same number of pieces? If you are using toys then take several of them out and share them between you and a grown up or you and a sibling. Have you got an equal or unequal amount?




Put several objects that begin with the same in a bag or on a tray with a towel over the top. Ask your child to chose something and ask them what they have. As the children uncover the treasure, say the word and listen for the initial sound. Collect the objects into the tray with objects with the same initial sound. Each time another object is added recite the contents of that set: Wow! You’ve found a car. Now we have a cup, a cow, a candle and a car.

Please complete one of the PE@home challenges

Optional PE challenges



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