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Thursday 24th February





Morning greeting

Good morning Nursery, I hope you have been enjoying Mr Wolf's pancakes.  Reading it has made me rather peckish myself. If you have any pictures of you eating your pancakes on Shrove Tuesday please do post them to the blog as I would love to see them. Today you have an arty challenge in the afternoon as well as an optional forest school activity. Keep up the good work and remember to post to the blog. 

Morning routine


Days of the Week clap clap! to the tune of the Addams Family

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Months of the Year Song | 12 Months of the Year Song for Kids | The Kiboomers

Collective worship


Today's collective worship activity is a song all about creation.


LYRICS (Creation Song)

Lyric video for the Creation Song by Saddleback Kids.



Today’s task is to create a story map of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes. Watch the story again here to remind yourself of what happened. You can draw a story of event and even try and copy some key words from the word mat if you like.

Mr Wolf's Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley

Mr Wolf's Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley. Read aloud by Nigel Planer."Join Mr Wolf in the kitchen as he gets into lots of trouble making pancakes in this funny, i...

Example story maps for Mr Wolf's pancakes


Mr Wolf wants to go on holiday. Can you make him a packing list? You need to draw the right number of each item on his list. You could event pack a suitcase with real items and try and count them correctly.  



Provide a small mirror for your child to observe their face, lip, teeth and tongue as they make different speech sounds and experiment with their voices.


Discuss the PowerPoint together and create different types of lines.

Forest school