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Thursday’s home learning tasks - Please complete these tasks and upload a photo or description to the blog


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Days of the week and the weather


 You can then talk about what the weather is like out of your window. We sing a simple song about this every morning that your child might be able to teach you! - Sing this through and discuss what day it is today.


 Collective worship – Yesterday was the feast of Epiphany. You can watch the story of the wise men here: and discuss it. You might like to make and decorate a crown to help you remember the story and talk about what you could do in your daily life as a gift for Jesus such as; be kind to others, help around the house, share with your siblings, read bible stories or pray.


Maths – Today we are carrying on with our work on positional language. If you have a copy of the story, “Rosie’s walk” you can read that together and pick out the words that tell us where Rosie the hen is going. E.g across the yard, under the beehives. There is also a link to the story being read here You could then play a game similar to the one yesterday by asking your child to place their teddy or a toy in certain places to see if they can put them in the right place.


Literacy – Revisit the story of the Billy Goats Gruff. See if you can remember the actions you made up the other day. Today’s task is to make your own puppet goats and troll and act out the story. You could use cardboard and lollipop sticks or anything you have around the house. You could even make the setting from a shoe box.