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Collective worship

There are several ways to pray with kids that teach how their minds and bodies communicate with God. So, try this simple prayer below, especially useful for young children.


(3 deep breaths)

God, you are above (reach toward the sky), below (touch your toes), inside (hands to heart) and all around (big arm circles).

I worship you (reach toward the sky), and give my life to you (touch your toes).

And I love you (hands to heart) with all that I am (big arm circles).

(3 deep breaths)



Re-read the story together or you could listen to it here

Task – Cut out the pictures and discuss which order they should go in on the story map or you could draw your own story map if you like.



Task - Go on a number hunt. Ask your child to find as many of a certain numeral they can in the house or on a walk. E.g. Can you find number 1. They could even take photos of all the number 3’s they could see etc.


Phonics activities

This week’s focus is being able to discriminate between different sound you can hear in the environment. Choose one of the activities from the sound discrimination home learning sheet each day.


Afternoon activities

Physical development

Choose at least one activity from the PE@home card to do or have a go at this Cosmic Kids yoga adventure