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Thursday 21st January

 Thursday 21st January 

Daily register

Please click on the link below to access the Reception Remote Learning Daily Register.

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A message from Miss Hand...

Hi Reception, 

How are you all today? I hope you all had a good Wednesday. Well done for all your hard work so far and thank you for all you are doing at home. smiley Please continue to post on the blog if you are able to do this and I will reply to all of your messages. smiley


Online work

Remember that you also have login details for Active Learn (lots of online reading books) and Numbots (games to help with basic skills in maths). If you need your login details again, please email on the email address below. Please note that the password for ActiveLearn has been changed for all children in Reception to rose123.



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I hope this helps! 

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Thank you for all your support,

Miss Hand and Mrs. Barnett smiley

Morning routine

We always start our morning by talking about the date and weather. We sing the days of the week song and we discuss the date - what day was it yesterday, what day is it today...tomorrow? If yesterday was the 20th, what is today? What is one more than 20... Perhaps you can talk about the date and weather at home. There is a youtube link of the days of the week song below.

Days of the Week song

Basic skills

1. Practise writing your name - If you can already do this, have a go at your surname or even your middle name if you have one. 


2. Have a look at the 'I can see document' below. Take a look at Day 4. 

I wonder if you can write something about this picture? I wonder if you can think of your own sentence or perhaps you could write another ‘I can see’ sentence. I can see... It is up to you! If this is a bit tricky, you could have a go at writing some sounds/words.


3. Word of the day - Take a look at the document of slides below. Take a look at Day 4 and complete the activity!

Collective Worship

Please click on the document below to see this week's Collective Worship. Please look at Thursday - 1.) Daily devotion. 2.) Prayer time (I wonder if you can say or write your own prayer with adult). 3.) Practise singing the Hail Mary with sign language (video below).

Click to enlarge

Hail Mary || Signing Video


Today we are continuing our new story of Jack and the Beanstalk. I have added the story powerpoint below and all the other resources you will need in one document.
Today I would like you to read the story and then imagine that you are Jack and you are writing a sorry letter to the giant. Think about what Jack might want to say sorry for. Did he take anything from the giant's castle?

You might just like to have a go at writing one sentence. Or if this is a bit tricky, you could just write some sounds/words. Remember you have the story word mat to help you with lots of key words, your high frequency table and your sound mat if you get stuck.

You can start your letter by writing... 

Dear giant or Dear the giant,

Here are some examples of things you could say sorry for:

The word took has the 'oo' sound that we learned last week! I have highlighted high frequency words in green and words that can be found on the story word mat in blue. I hope this is helpful. smiley

Sorry I took the hen.

Sorry I took the harp/the magic harp.

Sorry I took the gold harp.
Sorry I took the gold egg.

Sorry for going in the castle.

 Snack time and this week's Nursery rhyme...

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

Mary Had a Little Lamb


This week we are looking at mass and capacity. There will be a small activity each day. 

Take a look at the lesson resources below.

1.) Link to lesson video - Alive in 5! Week 3 - Session 4 - Measuring capacity – how many fit inside?

2.) Lesson activity card.


You may not have an old matchbox at home that you can use for this activity. You could just use another small box or container if you have one at home. Or if you don't have box, perhaps you can just discuss what you might fit into a matchbox.

Phonics - ar

We will practise our new sound 'ar' again today.

In phonics, we do the following things:

1. Sing the alphabet song (the video below is slightly different to the one we sing at school, but the children know it).

2. Practise all of the sounds that we have learned so far.

3. Practise reading words with the previous sound in.

4. Watch a video of our new sound.

5. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation).

6a. Practise reading words with our new sound in. We segment the sounds and blend them together to say/read the word, e.g. the word -  cat - segment ---> c-a-t - blend ---> cat!

6b. Practise writing words with the new sound in.

1. Alphabet Phonics Song

2. Practise all of the sounds that we have learned so far.

3. Practise reading words with the previous sound in.

4. Watch a video of our new sound - ar

5. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation) - ar

5. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation) - ar

6a/6b. Practise reading and writing words with our new sound in.

Click to enlarge

 Lunch time 

Little Big Maths

Please take a look at this week's Little Big Maths powerpoint (resource below). These are basic skills to practise throughout the week.

PE - 3 options...Pick one to do.

1. Take a look at the PE home learning activity card below - DANCE!

2. Jack and the Beanstalk themed yoga. smiley

3. PE with Joe Wicks - You don't need to do it all, just as much as you want to.

1. PE home learning activity card - Dance

2. Ironstone Children's Yoga - Jack And the Beanstalk Yoga

3. PE With Joe 2021

Music - To be able to play an instrument keeping a steady beat.

1. Practise singing this week's Nursery rhymes - Mary, Mary, quite contrary.

2. Watch the video of Rosie's Walk - Can you identify the steady beat? First of all can you practise clapping to the beat and marching to the steady beat. I wonder if you have an instrument that you can play? Can you listen to the music in the video of Rosie's walk and play your instrument keeping a steady beat?

If you don't have an instrument, don't worry. Perhaps you have an old box that you could use as a drum or maybe you have some materials that you could use to make your very own instrument? Enjoy! smiley

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Rosie's Walk

Make your own musical instrument...(click to enlarge)

End of the day story

Today's end of the day story - You can't take an Elephant on the bus! I hope you enjoy it! smiley

You can't take an elephant on the bus