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Thursday 25th February

                                            Thursday 25th February

Message from Dr Gould


Hello. Are you all okay? Well today is going to be awesome as we have some exciting rotation Maths to do and then you're going to start to plan you're own magic box poem. I have added the Minions to our class page as I do like all the films with them in. My favourite is Bob. Do you have a favourite Minion? Please draw me a picture of your favourite and add to the blog. I will give some housepoints for the Art work. Keep safe and God bless.



For the children in blue group and who do Direct Instruction with Mrs Woodley.

Today's sound is oo.



Today's lesson there is a prediction quiz to complete after the clip. Remember to use your fraction knowledge.

This week we are looking at the oceans around the world. 


Today we listen to a poem about a magic box. Click on the picture to hear the poem. We are then going to plan a poem about a magic box in readiness to write a poem tomorrow.

 Story Time

It's the end of the day and let us read together. See you tomorrow.

 World Book Day - One week to go!

We are now on the real countdown to world book day. I have made my clip so which masked teacher will be me? The wait is almost here! This year will be completed remotely. Please click on the picture above to see what the school is doing.