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Thursday 4th February

 Thursday 4th February 

Daily register

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A message from Miss Hand...

Good morning Reception!
How are you all today? I hope you had a great day yesterday and I hope you all have a really wonderful day today. I can't wait to see your blog posts.

I am going to be making some more phone calls today, so I look forward to speaking to some of you today. Today's end of the day story is called 'Super duper you'. I hope you enjoy it, and well done for all your super duper work! smiley

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Take care, Miss Hand and Mrs. Barnett 

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Morning routine

We always start our morning by talking about the date and weather. We sing the days of the week song and we discuss the date - what day was it yesterday, what day is it today...tomorrow?

If yesterday was the 3rd, what is today? What is one more than 3... Perhaps you can talk about the date and weather at home. There is a youtube link of the days of the week song and the months of the year song below. smiley

Days of the Week song

Months of the Year Song

Basic skills

1. Practise writing your name - If you can already do this, have a go at your surname or even your middle name if you have one. 


2. Simple sentence - I wonder if you can write something about the picture? I wonder if you can think of your own sentence or perhaps you could write another ‘I can see’ sentence. I can see... 

It is up to you! If this is a bit tricky, you could have a go at writing some sounds/words.


3. Word of the day - Take a look at today's word of the day and have a go at the activity if you are able to. 


4. J2blast spellings - Click here to take you to the website/app where you can practise the words.

Collective Worship

Please click on the document below to see Thursday's Collective Worship.

1.) Daily devotion. 2.) Prayer time (I wonder if you can say or write your own prayer with adult).

3.) Practise singing the Hail Mary with sign language (video below).

Hail Mary || Signing Video

Literacy - The Three Little Pigs

Today we are continuing our new story of The Three Little Pigs. I have added the story powerpoint below and all the other resources you will need in one document.
Today I would like you to read the story and then imagine that you are the wolf and you are writing a sorry letter to the Three Pigs. Think about what the wolf might want to say sorry for. Did he scare the pigs? What did he do to their houses? You might just like to have a go at writing one sentence. Or if this is a bit tricky, you could just write some sounds/words. Remember you have the story word mat to help you with lots of key words, your high frequency table and your sound mat if you get stuck.

You can start your letter by writing... 

Dear the three pigs or Dear the 3 pigs,

Here are some examples of things you could say sorry for:

I have highlighted high frequency words in green and words that can be found on the story word mat in blue. I hope this is helpful. 

Sorry I huffed and puffed.

Sorry I went on the roof.

Sorry I went in the chimney.

I will not do it again.

 Snack time and this week's Nursery rhyme...

Oats and beans and barley grow

Maths - Combining 2 groups

This week we are continuing with our learning about the numbers 6, 7 and 8!

Take a look at the lesson resources below.

1.) Lesson video - Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 5 - Session 4 - Combining 2 groups

2.) Lesson activity card.

1. Lesson video

Phonics - ear

We will practise our new sound 'ear' today.

In phonics, we do the following things:

1. Sing the alphabet song (the video below is slightly different to the one we sing at school, but the children know it).

2. Practise all of the sounds that we have learned so far.

3. Practise reading words with the previous sound in.

4. Watch a video of our new sound.

5. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation).

6a. Practise reading words with our new sound in. We segment the sounds and blend them together to say/read the word, e.g. the word -  cat - segment ---> c-a-t - blend ---> cat!

6b. Practise writing words with the new sound in.

1. Alphabet Phonics Song

2. Practise all sounds learned so far!

3. Practise reading these words

4. New sound - ear

5. Practise writing the new sound - ear

5a. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation) - ear

5b. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation) - ear

5c. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation) - ear

6a/6b. Practise reading and writing words with our new sound in.

 Lunch time 

Little Big Maths

Please take a look at this week's Little Big Maths powerpoint (resource below). These are basic skills to practise throughout the week.

PE - 3 options...Pick one to do.


1. Take a look at the PE home learning activity card below.

2. Cosmic kids yoga - On the farm.

3. PE with Joe Wicks - You don't need to do it all, just as much as you want to.

1. PE at home activity card

2. Yoga Time! | On The Farm | Cosmic Kids

3. PE With Joe 2021

Music - To be able to explore high and low (pitch) sounds when singing.

1. Practise singing this week's Nursery rhyme - Oats and beans and barley grow.

2. Read the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. If you have a copy of the story at home, perhaps you can read this with an adult. If not, I have added a youtube version of the story below.


3. Think about the voices of the bears - High/low sounds. This is known as pitch - how high or low a sound is.

In the story, whose voice is low? Whose voice is high?

4. Watch the video all about pitch - high/low sounds.


5. Learn/practise singing the Three Bears rap - Can you join in and do a low pitched voice for Daddy bear? What about a high pitched voice for Baby bear?

1. Oats and beans and barley grow

2. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

4. We're going to sing high, low, and in the middle

5. Three Bears rap lyrics (audio track below)

5. Three Bears rap song

End of the day story


Today's end of the day story - Super Duper You! I hope you enjoy it! smiley
The author and illustrator of the book, Sophy Henn reads the story in this video. She then shows you how to draw the main character in the story which you may like to watch too!

Super Duper You by Sophy Henn

Children's Mental Health Week...

You might like to watch some of the daydreams video to wind down today...

CBeebies Wind Down - Mindfulness video